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Jennifer Leggio has been in the security industry for 17 years as a marketer, advisor, and writer. Her focus is on security culture, including disclosure, community issues, equality in security, disruptive trends, and even marketing best practices. PGP Key: 3A708289 | She prefers other contact on Twitter via @mediaphyter.

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Spotlight on Austin: Anue Systems' Tommy Landry

Spotlight on Austin: Anue Systems' Tommy Landry

The second part of my Spotlight on Austin series features Anue Systems,  which provides network emulators for testing real world network conditions and tool aggregation for optimizing networking and application monitoring. While Anue Systems isn't a Web or social media company that would normally fall onto my radar, it has stood out to me due to its smart use of social media as an enterprise technology-focused company.

March 13, 2009 by in Networking