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Karen Roby is a reporter for TechRepublic. Prior to joining CBS Interactive, Karen worked as an anchor and reporter for several CBS affiliate stations owned by Hearst Communications and Gray Television.

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All quantum supremacy is fleeting

Scott Fulton explains how Google astonished the world by claiming its prototype quantum processor has achieved “supremacy” -- the ability to process a task in seconds that would take a classical supercomputer more than a lifetime. But how long can Google reign supreme before IBM mounts a challenge to its legitimacy? Months? Days?

November 8, 2019 by in Processors

The global 5G future hangs on Brexit

ZDNet's Scott Fulton explains that as the European Union pivots toward a political policy of “technological sovereignty,” Great Britain faces a huge decision: To be one-fourth of a would-be superpower, or strike out as a free agent. The US isn’t helping much. So, the UK’s choice could determine whether 5G wireless remains a global standard or fragments into two, or maybe three, vendor-driven derivatives.

November 5, 2019 by in 5G