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Karen Roby is a reporter for TechRepublic. Prior to joining CBS Interactive, Karen worked as an anchor and reporter for several CBS affiliate stations owned by Hearst Communications and Gray Television.

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VMware embraces Kubernetes a little more: Why this time it matters

The open source workload orchestration system that has already remade the data center could soon be at the center of the biggest virtualization platform that enterprises already use today. The seed for a new industry may be planted whether enterprises know it or not. ZDNet’s Scott Fulton tells Karen Roby this could be the foundational move for a new and better way for people everywhere to use applications on their computers and devices – that is, if the third time is really the charm for VMware.

September 16, 2019 by in Data Centers

AI gets sophisticated about language but it still doesn’t know science

ZDNet's Tiernan Ray explains that researchers at the Seattle-based Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence have developed a massive assemblage of machine learning techniques that use probability models of language to ace question-answering on the New York State Regents exam for 8th through 12th grade science. The effort is a technological marvel, but it still doesn’t mean that AI really understands anything about science, per se.

September 11, 2019 by in Artificial Intelligence