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Natalie Gagliordi is a senior writer for Red Ventures based in Louisville, Kentucky, covering business technology for ZDNet.

Natalie Gagliordi has nothing to disclose. She does not hold investments in the technology companies she covers.

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Apple-Intel deal roundup

Apple-Intel deal roundup

IT research houses will take a day or two to collect their thoughts on the Apple-Intel deal, but the blogosphere has been blazing with the news ever since CNET reported the rumor last Friday. The weekend’s skeptics were silenced once Steve Jobs made it official today, and latest reports say Wall Street isn't all that impressed with the move.

June 6, 2005 by in Apple

Apple's  predatory supply chain

Apple's predatory supply chain

AMR Research’s Bruce Richardson writes about what he calls "predatory supply chains," situations where manufacturers through exclusive contracts monopolize key inputs leaving competitors high and dry, especially in new growth markets. Richardson introduces the idea with Apple's iPod.

October 24, 2005 by in Apple