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Natalie Gagliordi is a senior writer for Red Ventures based in Louisville, Kentucky, covering business technology for ZDNet.

Natalie Gagliordi has nothing to disclose. She does not hold investments in the technology companies she covers.

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SODA and SOBA anyone?

SODA and SOBA anyone?

Gartner published a report today for the small and midsized companies (SMB) crowd showing them the light at the end of the SOA tunnel. According to the report, many SMBs find service-oriented architectures to be daunting, but through 2010, over 40% of their investments in new technology will be directly related to deploying SOA and SOBA (service-oriented business applications).

April 7, 2005 by in Developer

Best take(s) on Adobe-Macromedia deal

Best take(s) on Adobe-Macromedia deal

Now that everyone has thrown in their two-cents, I thought I’d pull together some viewpoints on the Adobe-Macromedia acquisition. By far, Daring Fireball has the most entertaining yet realistic take in its "translating PR-speak to English" post.

April 22, 2005 by in Developer