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Robin Harris is Chief Analyst at TechnoQWAN LLC, a storage research and consulting firm he founded in 2005. Based in Sedona, Arizona, TechnoQWAN focuses on emerging technologies, products, companies and markets. Robin has over 35 years experience in the IT industry and earned degrees from Yale and the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School.

Robin Harris is a president of TechnoQWAN, a consulting and analyst firm in Sedona, Arizona. He also writes, a blog which accepts advertising from companies in the storage industry, and has a 30 year history with IT vendors. He has many industry contacts, many of whom are friends and all of whom he has opinions about. Robin has relationships with many companies in the technology industry. Every company he writes about may have sought to influence his opinion through carefully-crafted marketing messages and self-serving white papers, gifts ranging from desk calendars, t-shirts, lunches and trips as well as analyst or consulting assignments. He also invests in some technology companies. Robin discloses financial investments in or client relationships with companies named in Storage Bits. To help readers sort out the gold from the dross in his writings, Robin tries to communicate his reasons as clearly as he can. If you agree, you are intelligent and discerning. If you disagree, well, you disagree. In all cases, Robin encourages readers to subject everything they read, see or hear on the internet or from politicians to some simple questions: * What assumptions are implicit in the world view and judgments of the author? * What, if any, is the factual basis for the opinions the author expresses? * Is it reasonable, logical and clear? Your critical faculties: use ‘em or lose ‘em!

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Sun storage: changing of the guard or clearing the decks?

Sun storage: changing of the guard or clearing the decks?

Storage bits critique gets fast response [r-r-i-i-ight]Nice guy David Yen gets out of the storage group, where the rumor mill insisted he never wanted to go, and will now run the Sun's chip group, which also has a checkered history. I suspect his limited tenure was part of his deal to take the job in the first place while other executives sorted out what to do with STK.

March 27, 2007 by in Oracle

Sun's decade of storage woe

Sun's decade of storage woe

Sun recently shifted engineering responsibility for the Pirus-based 6920 to Hitachi, a prelude to discontinuing the product. Thus closes a chapter on another Sun storage acquisition.

March 26, 2007 by in Oracle