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Ross Rubin is the founder and principal analyst at Reticle Research, editor of the Reticle Research Report newsletter, and co-host of the Techspansive podcast. Ross has been an industry analyst focusing on innovation in the technology, media and telecom markets for over 20 years. Prior to founding Reticle Research, he was executive director and principal analyst at The NPD Group. Prior to NPD, he founded and developed the consumer access and technology service at Jupiter Research (acquired by Forrester Research), where he served as vice president and chief research fellow. He has written hundreds of articles and columns for publications such as CNET, Fast Company, Engadget, and and is a graduate of Cornell University.

Ross Rubin holds no investments in the technology companies he covers. Companies mentioned in his columns may be current or former clients of Reticle Research.

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MWC 2019 is a 5G party and Apple isn't celebrating

MWC 2019 is a 5G party and Apple isn't celebrating

A latecomer to new cellular network generations, Apple is passing on the 5G MWC festivities as it grapples with sourcing 5G modems. The coming years could result in deeper integration into its product line than ever before, or a deep competitive gap.

February 27, 2019 by in 5G