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Tony Baer leads Ovum's Big Data research area. Over his 25 years in the industry, he has studied issues of data integration, software and data architecture, middleware, and application development. Having tracked the emergence of BI and data warehousing back in the 1990s, Baer sees similar parallels emerging in the world of Big Data today. His coverage focuses on how Big Data must become a first-class citizen in the data center, IT organization, and the business. Baer has a multi-disciplinary background touching the different tiers of enterprise software. His expertise in data management is complemented by deep background in software development platforms and middleware. Prior to joining Ovum, he was an independent analyst whose company onStrategies delivered market assessments and messaging advisory services to vendor clients. He co-authored some of the earliest books on the Java and .NET frameworks including Understanding the .NET Framework and J2EE Technology in Practice. He has spoken at numerous industry events covering data management, and has been chronicling the industry in his blog for over 15 years. His career began as a journalist with publications including Computerworld, Application Development Trends, Computergram, Software Magazine, Information Week, and Manufacturing Business Technology.

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Trifacta goes all in on the cloud

Trifacta goes all in on the cloud

The last of the independent data prep players still standing is now making a major pivot to the cloud that will take the equivalent of its Google Cloud Dataprep service across AWS and Azure. Beyond data prep, the new Trifacta cloud service will cover data cleansing, validation, profiling, and monitoring of data pipelines.

April 6, 2021 by in Big Data Analytics