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A basic guide to Arm processors

Apple’s recent move to redesign its Mac computers around chips that it fabricates for itself, replacing Intel, has cast a new spotlight around a class of processor that there’s a very good chance you own right now.

August 24, 2020 by in ARM

ARM improves video, memory

ARM improves video, memory

ARM Holdings hopes to improve how handhelds and cell phones access memory and run video with its new chip architecture unveiled at the Microprocessor Forum in San Jose, Calif. The v6 architecture contains new multimedia instructions, which will greatly improve video playback, said Director of Research John Rayfield.

October 17, 2001 by in ARM

Chipmaker ARM thrives despite slump

Chipmaker ARM thrives despite slump

UK chip designer ARM Holdings is continuing to thrive despite the continued slump in the IT market, and on Monday announced 42 percent revenue growth for the three months ended 30 September. The results arrive on the back of several high-profile deals for the company, whose designs run in a variety of portable devices like mobile phones and handheld computers.

October 14, 2001 by in ARM

Java ARMs itself for smaller devices

Java ARMs itself for smaller devices

Holdings has licensed Sun Microsystems' Java technology, a formalization of an existing effort to spread Java to cell phones and other small mobile devices.The deal gives ARM the right to use Java on all its chips and means the two companies will collaborate on future Java technology.

June 25, 2001 by in ARM