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When man and machine get creative together

Web Summit 2018: It's become a common refrain to assume that robots will steal jobs outright and conquer the workforce, displacing human workers entirely. But in so many industries and settings, there's an in-between where man and machine are collaborating, interacting and sharing the stage. We join Nancy Bennett, Dor Skuler and Steve Ranger to talk about using machines to benefit our creative outputs.

November 15, 2018 by in Web Summit 2018

Riding a Quantum Computing Wave

Web Summit 2018: The Volkswagen Group and D-Wave Systems are using the power of quantum computing to simulate electric vehicle battery development and optimize traffic routes in cities. Martin Hofmann and Bo Ewald sit down to discuss how they plan to use quantum computing to tackle problems across the transportation industry and beyond.

November 6, 2018 by in Web Summit 2018

Is AI more hype than reality?

Web Summit 2018: Artificial intelligence is being hailed and feared, sometimes in equal measure, as the ultimate gamechanger. Onlookers wonder whether AI will deprive us of jobs, change how we run businesses or, on the flipside, fundamentally improve our quality of life. But is the reality that AI has actually been overhyped and is now severely under-delivering? We sit down with Greg Brockman, Nagraj Kashyap, Emily Orton and Jeremy Kahn as they talk AI.

November 15, 2018 by in Web Summit 2018

A Willy Wonka elevator comes to life

Web Summit 2018: The era of elevators just going up and down is over. By taking away ropes and creating a whole new transport system, now elevators can move in every direction imaginable, changing urban mobility for all of us. Think of the Wonkavator from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, only in real life, and you have MULTI. Thyssenkrupp Elevator's CEO Andreas Schierenbeck gives the wider context about why such a futuristic innovation is crucial for our cities.

November 15, 2018 by in Web Summit 2018

Digital peace in the age of cyber threats

Web Summit 2018: The world needs to apply the lessons learned from the conflicts of the 20th century to address the cyber attacks we face today. Microsoft's Brad Smith discusses the human cost of nation-state sponsored cyber attacks, the steps Microsoft and industry partners are taking to address growing threats, and the need for urgent collective action by the world's governments, the tech sector and the citizens of the world.

November 7, 2018 by in Web Summit 2018