Business Computing for the 2020s: Innovative design for tomorrow’s PCs

With leadership performance, all-day battery life, and a modern approach to security, AMD Ryzen PRO 4000 processors are setting a new standard for business PCs.

Business Computing for the 2020s: Innovative design for tomorrow’s PCs

How long does it take for your PC to open a video conference window? More important: What happens when an email or web page or spreadsheet loads while you're participating in a video conference?

For business users today, these aren't trifling concerns. Quarterly sales for popular video chat provider Zoom were up 169% year-over-year, and remote work is the new normal. Older PCs that aren't up to modern multitasking requirements may be slowing business down.

We got a chance to speak with Matt Unangst, director of the AMD Commercial Client Business, to get a better sense of what today's users and their IT departments need in a mobile PC.
"Employees today are required to work with their tools and their computers in a way that they haven't had to in the past," he said. "Increasingly, we're seeing the barriers come down between work and home. With the need to collaborate with colleagues around the world, PCs today have to deliver a different capability than they did before. It's common to be working on a lot of different files -- Excel, PowerPoint, Word -- while you're browsing with multiple windows and trying to do some kind of video conference on the side. This parallel compute requirement is driving new needs around our PC technologies. It's critical that users have a responsive experience." 

Unangst explained that these business needs fueled the innovative design of the AMD Ryzen PRO 4000 Series Processors. "With our new core architecture, and more threads and more cores than the competition2, we deliver the ability for users to work with today's tools. The ability for users to leverage that Ryzen PRO 4000 processing capability really takes their work experience to the next level."

Increased productivity

The first area where Ryzen processors shine is in delivering fast performance for business applications. "We've architected the product to deliver performance in business applications. As an example, we increased performance on Excel by up to 77% over our previous-generation products2," Unangst said.

Ryzen PRO Processors are also designed for power efficiency, delivering what Unangst terms a "snappy" experience while cutting down on energy consumption. "What's incredible is you don't have to make a choice between great performance and great battery life. With our advanced technology, we have designed products that deliver what used to be a desktop-class performance capability, and we've packed it into an ultrathin, sleek notebook."
In fact, he added, a Ryzen 7 PRO 4750U-powered HP EliteBook 835 G7 offers up to 24 hours of battery life on a single charge3.


Manageability and security

Where end users look for fast performance and long battery life, IT departments need business PCs that are easy to deploy and manage among dozens or even hundreds of users. "Our AMD PRO technologies deliver the features, capabilities, and the confidence that CIOs and IT decision-makers need as they deploy a new set of PCs into their IT fleet," Unangst explained. AMD Ryzen PRO 4000 Series Mobile Processors are designed to work with Microsoft Endpoint Manager, "enabling capabilities such as remote provisioning and PC imaging for employees, whether they're onsite or remote."

AMD Ryzen PRO Processors also include several security features that, when combined with hardware and OS capabilities, deliver a layered approach to data protection. "We've designed security features in at the silicon layer," Unangst said. "We've worked with Microsoft® to ensure that we have security features at the OS level, and then we worked closely with our partners, such as HP and Lenovo, to enable the right platform-level security features." 
Unangst also called out a feature that helps protect data on mobile devices that may be lost or stolen. "AMD Memory Guard is a feature available only on our AMD Ryzen PRO Processors. It encrypts system memory to help protect data and confidential information," he said.  

Designed with business in mind


"When we look at the problems that IT administrators and businesses are trying to solve today, our Ryzen processors are meeting those needs head-on, and that is a primary reason why Ryzen is the fastest-growing commercial processor brand4," Unangst stated.
"Our Ryzen PRO 4000 Series Processors are defining a new standard for the modern business PC," he added. "They're really raising the bar and setting a new expectation for what a business user wants in a PC, as well as what an IT department wants to deploy within their business."
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