Business Critical: SSL Certificate Management (Infographic)

Research shows that many companies are lax in maintaining their SSL certificate portfolios, even though rogue and expired certificates lead to higher costs and higher risk.

When online shoppers and site visitors get an "expired certificate" message, chances are they're going to click away from your page. SSL certificates play a critical role in ensuring the viability of your Web operations, but many companies treat them as an afterthought. According to ReRez Market Research, more than 80% of companies surveyed found rogue certificates in their portfolios, and as business operations extend to cloud partners, the numbers get even murkier. Certificate management doesn't have to be a complex headache, though. This infographic explains:

  • Why SSL certificate management matters for today's businesses
  • How much your company could lose by failing to adopt best practices
  • What to look for in a comprehensive SSL certificate management solution