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CES 2013: Internet of Things Gains Momentum

CES validates the rising importance of the Internet of Things, as Milja Gillespie shares her impressions from CES 2013 in Las Vegas, where gadgets and the Internet of Things dominated

CES marks for the IT industry an annual time of reflection and I thought it would be good to share Milja Gillespie's take on CES 2013:  Is the Consumer Electronics Show Turning into the Corporate Electronics Show?   

I for one agree with her premise that the line between enterprise and consumer has nearly been erased, first by BYOD, now by the Internet of Things, something that all CIOs and CEOs need to recognize.

Be sure to check out  the video of SAP CIO Oliver Bussman's perspectives of his visit to CES, which highlights the many possibilities of integrating the Internet of Things into the daily lives of consumers.  Oliver notes the rising importance of securing business content across consumer oriented devices  -- the trick for 2013 and beyond is how to do this in ways that enhance rather than detract from the ultimate driver of consumerization, the user experience. 

How does your organization plan on doing that?