China Mobile International Upgrades mCloud to Support Remote Collaboration and Enterprise Digitalisation

One-stop global cloud-network platform provided customer-centric services to 4,000+ enterprise users worldwide in its first year.


China Mobile International Limited (CMI) has released a number of upgrades to its cloud-network integration platform, mCloud, which are designed to make it even simpler for enterprises to digitalise their business and expand globally. The upgraded platform incorporates an expanded cloud ecosystem, wider cloud connections, and application acceleration via more than 60 points of presence worldwide to provide CMI partners flexible, scalable, and comprehensive solutions for global enterprise operations.

"When faced with the coronavirus outbreak this year, mCloud provided solutions for enterprises to resume their business and we also provided cloud offices, online education, and smart devices, to over 200 customers" said Dr Li Feng, chairman & CEO, CMI.

"During the battle against the pandemic, we put our social responsibility into practice. The pandemic has taught us an important lesson: No country or region can combat the disease single-handedly, we need global cooperation. This is how we are going to undergo digital transformation, we are going to provide and create a solid digital ecosystem through collaboration."

For one example, a Hong Kong-based financial services firm turned to mCloud to enable it to maintain services when staff were working remotely and from home. CMI set up an integrated mCloud solution that included a VPN gateway service, public cloud service, as well as a stable Cloud Connect between clouds, the corporate data centre, and the firm's headquarters. With CMI as its solution provider, the entire infrastructure was operational in just two days, ensuring business continuity and that service standards for the firm's customers were maintained.

Built on a strong and extensive global network, CMI provides enterprise customers with a 99.99% guaranteed uptime service level agreement (SLA); comprehensive connectivity, data centres, Internet of Things (IoT) and DICT services, plus 24x7 support in multiple languages. CMI is the first Chinese operator to launch a global cloud-network platform and an international leader that provides a one-stop cloud-network solution to make the cloud more visible, accessible, and manageable.

Since launching in May 2019, CMI's mCloud platform has helped more than 2,000 enterprise users deploy and manage innovative cloud and network products. mCloud now collaborates with eight global top-tier cloud service providers, offering integrated access to cloud platforms and productivity suites such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud,Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Baidu Cloud Engine, and UCloud.

It also supports an expanded ecosystem comprised of solutions partners that offer a host of cloud applications for remote collaboration, data analytics, streamlined business processes, and more. To provide comprehensive, quality, and efficient one-stop services, CMI also launched a new Partner Program for  technology and channel partners, which integrates its 5G, cloud, network, and service capabilities to support the digital transformation of vertical industries.

To enhance pre-sale customer experience, CMI has introduced a Trial Before Purchase Program, which allows customers to try the cloud-network solution for free, including its Cloud Connect service, SD-WAN, Application Acceleration Network, video conferencing solution, and remote office solution. CMI also includes a voucher worth $500 for each enterprise to allow potential customers an easy way to trial more multi-cloud services.

China Mobile International upgrades mCloud to support remote collaboration and enterprise digitalisation.