Customer service that makes mobile working for SMEs easier, not harder

Your customers expect the best service, and you should demand the same from your mobile network provider too.

For small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), time is not just a question of money – it could be the difference between business success and failure. When you're part of a small team that's highly reliant on its mobile network for business operations you can't afford to be offline and out of touch. 


If problems do occur, you need these issues to be resolved quickly and effectively. Businesses that have been able to quantify the damage of downtime say the costs range from £10,000 to more than £1 million an hour, according to research from business continuity specialist Databarracks. 

Those kinds of costs mean you need customer service that's simple, straightforward and supportive. That's why as many as 57% of SMEs list great customer service as the most important factor when choosing a mobile network provider. 

When it comes to mobility, you need a network provider that puts your business first. Great customer service that makes mobile working easier is all about the added extras. You'll know from your own company that the continued success of your business is hugely reliant on the bonds it builds with its loyal client base. 

Your business will have to make crucial decisions on the type of mobile services you need, the amount you'll pay going forward and the type of new products you might want to take advantage of in the future. Making these decisions with the right advice is so much easier when you have an external partner you can rely on. 

Choosing a mobile network provider that offers a personalised service would help your business get the answers that it needs when it needs them. They would offer tailored support, providing advice on the best plans for your business and helping your staff to deal with problems as efficiently as possible. 

EE's Business First service gives small business owners with 10 or more SIM cards a personal account manager who is 100% dedicated to the needs of their company. 

The account managers offered as part of EE's Business First service help your business make the most of its mobile devices. Whether you're growing or downsizing, the account manager's knowledge of your company will mean they know which products offer the best value to your business.

EE's Business First plan also offers analytical tools to help you assess how your business is using its mobile services. If there are issues, then account managers are ready and waiting to deal with your technical or billing concerns. These experts are on-call Monday to Friday to deal with your worries. That means no more waiting and less fears over the potential for downtime that costs your company time and money.

Personalised service is all about your provider knowing your account and understanding your requirements. That should extend into new offerings, too. Look for a partner that can provide detailed information on new product launches, events and workshops that might help your business to work smarter.

From purchase through to upgrade, what your business needs is a provider that offers the highest quality of customer service. When it comes to mobility, you can choose a network provider that is also a partner, putting your business first.

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