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DIY Number-Crunching

Get the highlights of The Mobile Consumer report I've been blogging about this week via a graphic, interactive web site.

Even if you didn't care about mobile, I hope you'll find our new site interesting. But I know you do care, because you're reading this blog.

SAP has created a site of interactive infographics fuelled by the data gathered in "The Mobile Consumer" report, which I've been blogging about this week here and here.

There's just so much data in SAP's Mobile Consumer report. We asked almost 12,500 people a lot of questions. The original presentation deck was 113 slides and that wasn't even all of the results. That's why we're trying to make the info more accessible in this cool, interactive site.


You will be able to explore

  • Appetite for mobile commerce services, with numbers about consumer demand for mobile services by country
  • Preferences for activities, with insight into what kinds of things people prefer to do on their mobiles, broken down by region
  • Motivators and incentives, which shows what encourages and discourages mobile use.

Take a look. It works on all the main browsers, your iPad and there's even a cutdown version for your smartphone.

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