Helping businesses and organisations ‘go green’ with Epson WorkForce Enterprise printers

Why is it important to ensure environmental sustainability for your business? With both short and long term benefits we explore the steps you can take to move towards a greener future.

Environmental sustainability is key to the success of modern businesses and government organisations. The practice -- based on maintaining rather than degrading the environment -- requires businesses and organisations to rethink traditional approaches that involve exploiting increasingly scarce resources. Instead, leaders need to engage with environmental concerns to remain relevant to customers, partners, and other stakeholders.

Environmental sustainability programs can deliver short-term rewards to businesses and organisations, as well as the longer-term objective of delivering a better world for future generations.

For example, Business Victoria pointed out that reducing waste generation, and water and energy use can lower costs. Businesses and organisations can consider the use of green building materials, such as exterior paints with thermal paint additives to reduce the sun's impact, which would consequently lower demand for air-conditioning, the organisation said. In addition, businesses and organisations can replace energy supplies with accredited, green energy sources such as solar or wind power.

Steps like these can help businesses align with other businesses committed to environmental sustainability. Many large businesses and organisations in particular, require suppliers to demonstrate measures that reduce the negative effects of their products and services on the environment. Environmentally sustainable businesses can also take advantage of government programs that reward initiatives focused on reducing environmental impacts.     

Environmental sustainability is also integral to the design of many modern workplaces. These workplaces can increase employee productivity by reducing sick days and sick leave costs while also improving morale. By combining environmentally-sound work environments with consumer-grade technology experiences and flexible work practices, businesses and organisations can position themselves as "employers of choice" for talented people entering or moving around the workforce.

The selection of the right printers, and information and imaging equipment can help a business or organisation start or build on environmental sustainability programs. Epson's WorkForce Enterprise printer series offers a range of "green" improvements over traditional printers, including:

●        Reductions in heat generation through the use of fewer moving parts;

●        A capacity of 100,000 mono and 50,000 colour pages in one ink set;

●        Higher up time and less maintenance;

●        87 percent less energy use than laser printers (Epson WorkForce Enterprise's max power consumption of 320W is 87          percent less than the average of 22 laser counterpart 60 ppm+ models available in the Australian market as at 31 October 2018, based on manufacturers' own specifications.);

●        Lower carbon dioxide emissions; and

●        Reduced electricity costs.

The WorkForce Enterprise series complements these "green" benefits with efficiency gains, including 100 or 75 pages per minute printing; crisp, consistent print quality; and the ability to do more in less time. Furthermore, WorkForce Enterprise printers can support enterprise mobility programs -- through compatibility with mobile and cloud printing services -- which are key to many modern businesses and organisations. These services enable users to print and scan wirelessly in the office and on the go through using their smartphones and tablets.

For executives and managers, the WorkForce Enterprise series presents a compelling option to fulfill the objectives of environmental sustainability programs. The Workforce Enterprise series is backed by Epson's commitment to the environment of creating innovative products that are reliable, recyclable, and energy efficient. For more details, please contact Epson at 

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