How smartphones are boosting productivity for SMEs

It’s never been more important for your employees to stay connected, wherever they are. Business owners must be able to rely on the best-performing network

Think for a moment about how important smartphones are to your business operations. Now imagine what would what happen if your employees couldn't rely on those devices.


If that nightmare reality brings you out in a cold sweat, then you're far from alone. The level of reliance on smartphones in almost all UK organisations is such that any hit on network performance has a direct impact on the daily running of a business. 

Gartner says mobile devices and the apps they host are crucial to all firms, regardless of size. The analyst says mobile apps have a crucial impact on business success, saying 91% of organisations have deployed mobile apps to help run their operations. 

Mobility has become the bedrock upon which small businesses build, grow and deliver results. Research from CB Insights suggests it used to cost £3.3 million to launch a small business in 2000. By 2011, that figure was £3,200, due to the easy availability of mobile-first technologies and cloud-based solutions.

Today, high-speed networks mean mobile working is simply a business-as-usual activity for almost all employees in all sectors. But while mobility is crucial to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), that central role also brings risks. If your business relies on mobile applications for day-to-day operations, then you need the network upon which those services run to be ultra-reliable.

Your organisation and your employees must be assured that you have the best network available in the UK. So, which network is best for business, particularly for those who rely on smartphones to fulfil most of their business needs?

Help comes in the form of research from mobile network testers RootMetrics, who ran nearly 600,000 tests in the first half of 2019 across 100% of the UK and looked at six different categories including speed, reliability, call performance and more. 

The recently-revealed results show that EE is out-performing all other network providers in each of the six main categories. It's the sixth year in a row that EE has been tested as the UK's number one mobile network by RootMetrics. EE's aggregate median download speed of 37.6 Mbps across the UK is the fastest among all operators.

The RootMetrics report also looked at how the leading mobile network providers performed in the four UK nations and the 16 most-populated metropolitan areas in the country. Your  business needs a partner it can rely on, a provider that offers 4G in more places, and which boasts greater reliability, than any other network.

So, what does this type of provision look like? Your business needs a network that allows employees to recreate their office remotely, empowering staff to have conference calls in HD, to access cloud services in real time, and to send large files of data from wherever they are, both at home and abroad.

Network performance matters now and it will also matter tomorrow. There will be as many as 9.1 billion mobile subscribers globally by 2023 and 1.3 billion will be 5G, according to forecasts from IHS Markit. As networks, applications and services continue to mature, your business needs a network it can really rely on.

When it comes to operator performance, the research shows that you need a network that stands head and shoulders above all others. If you want your business to become more productive, then you need a partner that offers the best-performing network for your employees.

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