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How to get going, faster

How packaged solutions that combine software, content, enablement and services enable companies to get up and running in weeks.

Back when I started in the mobile industry we were still in the first round of roll-outs of GSM networks.

Everything was new - really new - and the time and effort to get services up and running in those networks was staggering. Whilst the GSM standards promised (and compared to the IS approach - did deliver) easy integration, when it came to getting the first SMS services going it was far from plug and play.

Today few business can afford to spend that about of time to get a new service launched.

My colleagues in the SAP Rapid Deployment solutions team (or RDS to you and me) have compiled this great infographic on how the packaged approach to deployment can speed implementation, minimise project risks and reduce costs.

You can find the original here on slideshare.

SAP Rapid Deployment solutions Infographic