Inspiring change and drive towards digital transformation in government

Change management is what drives the capability of an organisation to adapt to achieving its future vision.

Within government, change management has many additional challenges with stakeholder engagement becoming a problematic undertaking.

When you look to manage change you want to see in a government department, a key component is critical engagement with decision-makers. With support from the administration, removing restrictions on ingenuity allows for discoveries and disruption to take place at a wholesale level. As creativity flourishes, so does the capacity for change, as individuals become the arbiters of the change that they wish to see.

Chan Cheow Hoe, Government Chief Digital Technology Officer for Singapore wants to inspire change in digital transformation by "making the government 'friction-less'."


He goes on to say: "We have taken the concept of government service from 'inside out' to 'outside in.' It's no longer about individual government agencies providing public services in silos. It's about you as a citizen; when you come to government, you want a better experience and you don't want to be running all over the place, needing to know which agency to approach for a specific service. So, we looked at redesigning processes, focusing on service journeys so that when citizens transact with the government, they do it seamlessly and conveniently, with services that they need to be integrated around a specific moment in their life."

Cheow Hoe is embracing the spirit of change across Singapore, and he will be bringing his vision to New Zealand, making his first ever NZ speaking appearance at the 3rd annual All-of-Government NZ Digital Transformation summit at Westpac stadium in Wellington. Cheow Hoe will be joined by Chris Buxton, Stats NZ's Chief Digital Officer who will be projecting the future ways the New Zealand government will be using data to benchmark change in Government. Stats NZ is making measurable distinctions in the way sectors are delivering on their digital transformation goals. Buxton will be leading a panel discussion from data-driven transformation leaders that are looking at what opportunities open and shared data has for government departments and affiliated organisations.

The All-of-Government NZ Digital Transformation summit has grown from previous years and has changed to accommodate a digital and technological focus with streamed sessions that reflect the digital change that is being delivered all around the world.

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