Make Autonomous Vehicles a Reality with Arm

Understand the key challenges facing the mass deployment of autonomous vehicles, and how Arm’s solutions can help you solve these challenges to make autonomous vehicles a reality.


Many companies are struggling to translate prototypes into production-ready designs. 

In fact, only 20% of surveyed respondents in a Forrester Study, noted that they have a reliable prototype being prepared for production. This is not surprising considering the numerous challenges that the automotive industry must overcome to produce safe Level 4 and Level 5 autonomous vehicles.  

The complexity of autonomous automotive systems is growing at an unprecedented rate, and computational processing must keep pace with this growth without compromising the current challenges of power consumption, thermal properties, size and cost, safety and security.

However, the compute systems going into today's autonomous prototypes are typically based on off-the-shelf server technology. The challenge with server technology is that the size, power consumption, and thermal properties are not suitable for cars. There must be a significant reduction in all of these current attributes. 

The common belief is that power consumption must be reduced by 10x, size by 5x, and if both of these can be achieved then there will be a significant reduction in cost and dissipated heat, which also leads to simpler and more reliable cooling methods. These improvements will lead to the true deployment of self-driving cars, both in the consumer space and robotaxis.

Now, achieving these complex technological requirements may seem challenging enough, but now also consider the social challenge of attaining consumer acceptance of autonomous vehicles. A recent survey from the US-based AAA showed that seventy-three percent of Americans are too afraid to ride in fully self-driving vehicles - Needless to say, the road to deploying safe autonomous vehicles at scale has many challenges ahead.

In order to tackle these challenges the automotive industry recognizes the need for collaboration and strong technology partnerships. Arm has spent a considerable amount of time working with the automotive industry to fully understand the challenges and pain points standing in the way of deploying the next wave of automotive innovation. 

Recent technology innovations from Arm, such as its dedicated Automotive Enhanced IP and Safety Ready portfolio, help make those deployments a reality, and cut power, size and cost without compromising performance and safety.  


One of the broadest challenges to the deployment of new complex automotive innovation is the software that enables it, with current estimates being up to 1 billion lines of code to power a fully autonomous car.  

 Arm's broad ecosystem of partners also help to provide the building blocks of software required to support these autonomous systems of the future. 

 Overcoming the challenges of deploying safe autonomous vehicles at scale requires technological innovation, industry collaboration and strong partnerships.  

 Arm is working with key OEMs, Tier1s and the broader ecosystem to help simplify and accelerate the path to the real deployment of autonomous vehicles which will redefine our concept of mobility and enable a new era of automotive innovation. 

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