SMBs answer the call with Telstra DOT (Digital Office Technology)

Telstra's Digital Office Technology (DOT) helps small business miss fewer customer calls.

Telstra's Digital Office Technology (DOT) is an all-in-one fixed line, mobile, and broadband solution designed for small businesses. DOT manages business calls, gets SMBs online, helps them work remotely, and takes care of fax and EFTPOS, all on one bill.

Small businesses can enjoy free calls within Australia between phones (fixed lines and mobiles) on a DOT account. They can also get included standard calls within Australia on selected plans. They also get shared call and data allowances across plans of the same type.

SMBs can also get fixed phone lines and mobiles to be set to ring in sequence, or simultaneously so they can answer the first time a customer calls.

DOT also features Voice2Email to listen, forward, save, or delete voicemails from business desktops.

With DOT, small businesses can access their business files in more places with Remote Working software.

They can also share their data and monitor their usage online. All with professional installation plus 24x7 technical support.