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Strengthening the weak link in security

Security -- no matter the size of the organization -- is a vital part of business today. Consider these 5 questions in building your secure modern enterprise.

We live in turbulent times. The same technology that has been an engine of change and progress also provides hackers unprecedented surface area to commit headline-earning crimes. Cybercrime could cost the global economy an estimated market value of US$3 trillion and in 2015, the cost of a data breach amounted to US$ 3.8 million - think about the impact to your business today.

Our digital world requires new approaches to protect against, detect, and respond to security threats. Buying the latest security product won't stop your organization from being attacked and your security team can't be your only line of defence.

While we may have built strong walls to protect ourselves from external threats, have we considered the vulnerabilities that lie within? With the growing number of contractors, freelancers, and temporary employees throughout an enterprise, every person in your organization could be a gateway for the next breach.

Building a secure modern enterprise can only be achieved by having a comprehensive security vision. Here are 5 important questions to consider and action on to strengthen your weak link in security.

  • Is our BYOD policy secure?
  • Do you feel limited by your security budget or staff size?
  • How often do you see non-sanctioned cloud services in use?
  • Are we protecting ourselves against insider threats?• Do we have a cybersecurity task force in place?

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