10 stress-relieving apps for iPad

Are you stressed out? Do you have an iPad? If your answer is "yes" to both of those questions, then you owe it to yourself to check out the apps on this list! Ah, relaxation...
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Magic Window is one of my all-time favorite apps, ever! It's filled with relaxing scenes accompanied by ambient sounds. Watch the sun set behind an ocean as fast or as slow as you'd like -- all while listening to the calming sound of waves; or, watch a thick, cloudy fog roll across a moonlit river valley. Those are just two of my favorite scenes, but there are tons to choose from with even more to purchase if you can't get enough.

App Store Link: Magic Window ($1.99 + optional in-app purchases)

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Put simply, this app is all about zen and relaxation. It's filled with samples of everything from waterfalls to wood flutes, thunder to rain, the ocean to tribal drums, and far more. You can enable/disable whichever sounds you like by touching the respectively-labeled wood signs, or you can play preselected arrangements and worry not about fidgeting with creating your own soundscapes.

As a musician, this app allows me to relieve stress not only by its relaxing sounds, but by enjoyably piecing together my own soundscapes. You don't have to be a musician to love this simplistic and relaxing app, though!

App Store Link 1: Relax Melodies Premium HD ($3.99 + optional in-app purchases)

App Store Link 2: Relax Melodies HD (Free reduced content, ad-supported version)

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How relaxing can wind chimes be? Extremely, as I've learned, thanks to Breeze: Digital Chimes. You can select the type of chimes you would like to hear, a backdrop, and a small range of ambiance, like rain, birds, and more. Personally, my favorite setup is metallic wind chimes with a cloudy backdrop and rain + wind for ambiance. Extremely relaxing, if I do say so myself (and I do)!

App Store Link: Breeze: Digital Chimes ($1.99)

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Fluid Toy 2 is a simple app, whereby you influence fluid/particles/etc. on the screen with your finger. There are options for increasing/decreasing gravity, viscosity, and more. Coupled with relaxing music and plenty of additional options, this is a great app to just space out with for a while.

App Store Link: Fluid Toy 2 ($0.99)

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Naturespace is an audiophile's dream. Along with relaxing sounds of nature, if you're listening through a pair of good earbuds, you can position where in space various facets of soundscapes are located. In other words, you can make a bird sound like it's to your left or right, or maybe even behind you. This is all achieved by a simple, intuitive interface. If you're looking for the utmost in realism to accompany your relaxation, this is it!

App Store Link: Naturespace (Free + optional in-app purchases)

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White Noise Pro allows you to build your own relaxing soundscapes or listen to prearranged ones. As you've undoubtedly noted, there are a few apps like this one throughout this gallery, but they all have their own set of sounds, usability factors, and feature sets. Visit the official app link below to read more since I just recently purchased this one and have yet to give more than a couple of (satisfactory) listens.

App Store Link: White Noise Pro ($2.99)

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Though it's primarily a weather/time app, Living Earth HD is a great app to keep open next to you on your iPad while doing other work. There's something considerably calming to me about the zoom-able 3D simulation of Earth, which allows you to see other parts of the world from a satellite's-eye view. Simplistic, beautiful, and relaxing.

App Store Link: Living Earth HD ($0.99)

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Do you ever wish you could create the perfect thunderstorm? Well, with Storm Sim, the only thing you'll lack is real, actual rain, thunder, and lightning! Working from pre-designed templates or creating your own, you control the specific combination and volume of samples you want to play. A great app for lovers of thunderstorms!

App Store Link: Storm Sim ($0.99 + optional in-app purchases)

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Ambiance is like many of the other soundscape creation apps I've listed in this gallery, but with over 2000 free sounds that are exclusive to Ambiance, there are plenty of unique soundscapes awaiting your creation. Play just one sound or layer multiple ones -- all with individual volume selectors. This was the first app of its kind that I ever downloaded, and despite others I've downloaded since, the exclusive sounds belonging to this app are great to return to again and again.

App Store Link: Ambiance ($2.99 + optional in-app purchases)

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Though this app appears to be overly simplistic when loaded, its unique feature is made apparent when used in a dark room -- like when you're going to sleep, for instance. When you open the app, it plays the sound of a thunderstorm, along with displaying blue color hues on your screen that intensify as the sound of the storm intensifies. The effect it creates, when laying your iPad down flat, is similar to real lightning that brightens up your room when it strikes. Lay your iPad flat on its back, turn the app on, and get to relaxing!

App Store Link: Rain, Rain (Free, with $0.99 optional in-app purchase to remove ads)

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