2014 Father's day tech and gadgets gift guide

Stuck for gift ideas for your gadget-obsessed dad? Read on.
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Password Vault

Name: Password Vault

Company: Sharper Image

Price: $59.99

If your dad is the forgetful type like mine, a secure password storage system can help him keep track of all his online accounts and passwords. This compact system can store access data for up to 400 websites and accounts, and to access all of them, you need to remember only one PIN number. The unit will automatically lock for 30 minutes after five consecutive incorrect PIN attempts, and is not Web-connected so is only a risk if you leave it lying around. 

Via: Sharper Image

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Google Chromecast

Name: Chromecast

Company: Google

Price: $35

The Chromecast is possibly my favorite gadget in recent times. The thumb-sized USB device plugs in to the HDMI port of your television set and allows you to stream music, media and television shows from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. It also supports Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Google Play Movies/Music and Chrome. 

Via: Google

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Logitech PowerShell

Name: PowerShell

Company: Logitech

Price: $100

If your father is a gaming fan, consider buying Logitech's PowerShell -- a slimline case for your iPhone which changes your smartphone in to a portable gaming device. The case gives you an analog d-pad, shoulder triggers and a traditional button cluster on the right to give you console-style control over your downloaded games. 

In order to stop draining your phone's battery at a rapid rate, the PowerShell also backs up your mobile device with a 1500 mAh battery. 

The PowerShell can be used with a range of iOS 7 games, although they must have controller support. The iPhone 5, 5S and 5th-generation iPod Touch are compatible with the control system.

Via: Logitech

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iPad mini

Name: iPad mini

Company: Apple

Price: From $399

The iPad mini is a popular iOS tablet which isn't quite as pricey as the traditional iPad, but retains many of its features. The tablet can be used to access the Web, check emails and social media, use apps, play games and also comes with a camera -- a useful tool for dad if he's on the road and doesn't want to lug around a laptop. 

Via: Apple

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The iKettle

Name: iKettle

Company: Smarter Apps

Price: $167

If your dad is anything like me, he needs a cup of tea in the morning in order to wake up. The ultimate in technology for the lazy is the iKettle, a glimpse in to how our future homes may look thanks to the rising popularity of Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The stainless steel iKettle can be controlled through a smartphone via Wi-Fi, and can be set to boil automatically at the time you wake up -- and also keeps water warm for as long as you want.

Via: Firebox

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Misfit wearables

Name: Misfit Shine

Company: Misfit Wearables

Price: $99.99

If your father is a fitness fanatic or is trying to make healthier choices, Misfit's wearable tracker could be an exciting gift to receive. The quarter-sized Shine is an aluminium-coated circular activity tracker which can be clipped on to clothing in order to monitor your walking, hiking and sport. The Shine is connected to a mobile app which focuses on simplicity and is easy to use -- displaying fitness goals, summaries and a user's progress. It can be used with the iOS and Android platforms.  

Via: Misfit Wearables

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A lifeproof smartphone case

Name: Lifeproof iPhone case

Company: Lifeproof

Price: $79.99

The Lifeproof iPhone case has four layers of protection to keep your smartphone safe from knocks and bumps, water, dust and dirt. In addition to a scratch-resistant version with a barely-visible screen protector, you can choose a screen-free case to allow you to touch your iPhone's true screen if you prefer. If your father is the clumsy type, this could save him an expensive phone repair job.

The case is available in a variety of colors. 

Via: Lifeproof

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Quarkie earphones, rusty bolts

Name: Quarkie Earphones (rusty bolt)


Price: $20

These British-made headphones are a little outside of the norm, and can make a fun gift for fathers who enjoy their DIY. The Quarkie earphones come with a rusty bolt tip in four sizes, giving users the option of different noise-cancelling seals.

Via: Iwantoneofthose

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Mekey MaKey

Name: Mekey MaKey

Price: $75 (UK delivery only)

Available to pre order and due to ship at the end of May, the Kickstarter-backed MaKey MaKey is a hands-on invention kit to keep your dad quiet and occupied for a long time. MaKey MaKey allows you to create computer controllers from everyday items -- all you need is a computer with USB access. Any material that will hold a slight electrical current can work as a control surface. 

Via: Firebox

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Samsung Galaxy Gear 2

Name: Samsung Galaxy Gear 2

Company: Samsung

Price: $299

A next-generation wearable from Samsung, the Galaxy Gear 2 -- part of the Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit range -- is a smartwatch which sports a 1.6-inch display with a 320x320 pixel resolution. The watch, once paired with a Samsung device, notifies you of social media activity, allows you to take calls and answer inquiries with messages through S-voice, and a wealth of other features include TV control, music streaming, a weather app and a Find my Device phone locator.

There is a 2MP camera, 1.0GHz dual-core processor, 4GB storage, 512MB of RAM, Bluetooth connectivity and is powered by a 300mAh battery. The smartwatch comes in a variety of colors and comes with a heart rate monitor.

See also: CNET Samsung Gear 2 review

Via: Samsung

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Mophie Juicepack Power Station Duo

Name: Juicepack Power Station Duo

Company: Mophie 

Price: $99.95

The Mophie Power Station is designed to power two USB devices simultaneously, including heavy-duty gadgets such as the iPad and other tablets. The 6000mAh charger is portable and although expensive, is a useful companion especially if your father is often on the road. 

Via: Mophie

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Rhino Shield for iPhones

Name: Rhino Shield

Company: Evolutive Labs

Price: $30

I'm clumsy, although one thing i've never cracked or broken so far is a smartphone. I have used a variety of screen protectors over the years, but the Rhino Shield is my current preference. Relatively easy to apply due to self-adhesive silicone, the protector is 0.029cm thick, clear, and has managed to save my iPhone from a number of bumps and scrapes so far. If your father is anything like me, this could save him a nasty repair bill in the future.

The shield is compatible with the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C and 5S smartphone models.  

Via: Firebox

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Logitech Harmony Ultimate

Name: Harmony Ultimate

Company: Logitech

Price: $349.99

The Logitech Harmony Ultimate may indeed be ultimate -- for armchair parents who would like more convenience in the home. The touch screen remote can be used to control up to 15 devices and is compatible with over 225,000 home theatre devices. Set up through your PC, the remote also allows you to control your television through swipes and taps, adjust volume, as well as fast forward and rewind media. The product is also Bluetooth enabled.

Via: Logitech

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An 80's retro phone case

Name: '80s Retro iPhone Case

Company: Thumbs Up

Price: $13

Suitable for low budgets and quirky, this retro case brings back memories of Nokia bricks and the game 'Snake.' If your father owns an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4, he can enjoy the case -- which also functions as an iPhone stand (surprising, that).

Via: Iwantoneofthose

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iWallet for iPhone 5

Name: iWallet

Price: $20

The iWallet is one of those handy gifts that your father didn't even know he needed. Instead of hunting for credit cards and receipts while keeping your phone in another place, the leather-effect iWallet works as a protective case for an iPhone as well as a storage system for cash, cards and anything else you need safely stashed away.

Versions are available for the iPhone 4 and 5.  

Via: Iwantoneofthose

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Garmin G6 Approach GPS

Name: G6 Approach GPS

Company: Garmin

Price: $333

For golfing fans, a gift like Garmin's G6 is likely to prove a hit. The golfing GPS system measures individual shot distances and shows the exact distance to fairways, hazards and greens, bringing a techy edge to the game. 27,000 golf courses around the U.S. are preloaded on to the gadget.

Via: American Golf

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Victorinox work USB 32GB

Name: Swiss Army Knife Work USB 32GB

Company: Victorinox

Price: $50 approx

A Swiss Army knife developed by Victorinox brings the letter opener and tool-equipped gadget in to the modern age by including a handy USB storage drive. Capable of a reading speed of 30MB/s, the USB drive comes in 16GB and 32GB versions.


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Google Nexus 10

Name: Nexus 10

Company: Google

Price: $399

Google's Nexus 10 tablet is an easy introduction in to the world of tablets. The 10-inch device, an alternative to more expensive options such as Apple's iPad or the Samsung Galaxy range, is equipped with a 2560x1600 display, a 5MP front camera and 1.9MP back camera, and is powered by a dual-core A15 processor. The tablet comes in 16GB or 32GB internal storage versions and sports 2GB RAM. The Nexus runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

Via: Google

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