2015 Holiday guide: Gifts and gadgets for under $100

A tight budget doesn't mean you can't give your friends and family great gifts and gadgets this holiday season.
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1 of 15 Samsung

Samsung Gear VR headset

For an interesting gift and peek into the world of virtual reality which doesn't break the bank, consider purchasing Samsung's Gear VR headset.

While a drop-down from the more expensive Innovator model, the Gear is still an impressive headset, powered by Oculus Rift, which allows the wearer to select games from an already expansive game collection and become immersed to a far deeper level than you're used to when playing on mobile devices.

Price: $99.99

Via: Samsung

2 of 15 Charlie Osborne/ZDNet

Kindle Paperwhite

Keep an eye out for sales on the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader, spotted last week for $99.99. In the meantime, the standard Kindle e-reader could be the perfect gift for a loved one -- and replace clunky textbooks for school or while on holiday.

The reader's main draw is the inbuilt light and e-ink technology which prevents screen glare and keeps you reading at all times and in all light settings.

Price: $79.99

Via: Amazon (Paperwhite), Kindle e-reader

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Staring at only £2.99 ($4.50), Standeazy has launched a range of smartphone holders. The size of a credit card and available in a range of colors as both plastic and metal frames, this great stocking filler is a well-designed smartphone holder which can be left in your wallet until needed.

Price: £2.99+

Via: Standeazy

4 of 15 Charlie Osborne/ZDNet

Syma X5SC quadcopter drone

Drones are one of the hottest gifts this holiday season, but this doesn't mean you have to take a financial hit to give one to friends or family.

The Syma X5SC quadcopter drone, for use both in and outdoors, is hand-launched and able to move a full 360 degrees. The drone is equipped with an HD camera capable of taking both photos and video, which are stored on an internal 4GB SD card.

Price: $49.93

Via: Gearbest

5 of 15 Roku

Roku 2 streaming device

The Roku 2 streaming console is another gift idea for friends or family who have joined in with cutting the cable and enjoy streaming television shows, music and films instead.

Roku works by taking away the need to pay for cable subscriptions -- which may include a wealth of channels you have no interest in -- and replacing this with content available for streaming. Many of the channels are free, and others you can pay for -- if you so choose.

Some of the channels on offer include Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon, Pandora and Spotify, as well as hundreds of free channels such as YouTube, TED and CBS News.

Price: $69.99

Via: Roku

6 of 15 Photojojo

Photojojo mobile lens set

Smartphone cameras are becoming more powerful and now there are solutions on the market to further enhance their capabilities.

Photojojo is one company which specializes in mobile photography and offers a set of magnetic lenses for a variety of devices. While you can purchase the lenses separately, you can also give a budding mobile photographer the full set -- wide & macro, fisheye, super fisheye, telephoto and a polarizer.

Price: $99.99

Via: Photojojo

7 of 15 Charlie Osborne/ZDNet

Fitbit bracelets

For a lady's gift which gives technology a personal edge, Etsy is a marketplace to find bracelets to give Fitbit fitness trackers a fashionable edge.

The bracelet featured is handmade from Czech and Japanese glass beads.

Price: $44.99

Via: Etsy

8 of 15 Charlie Osborne/ZDNet

Cardboard smartphone projector

While not suitable for sitting on a train watching a movie and wishing you have a bigger screen, the Mobile Movies cardboard smartphone projector is a cheap but novel way to watch your media on the big screen and could make a great stocking filler.

Stick on a YouTube video, slot the smartphone inside and watch movies with up to an 8x zoom without a loss in quality.

Price: £19.99 ($30)

Via: Firebox

9 of 15 Charlie Osborne/ZDNet

Minipresso portable espresso maker

Whether you're part of the working world or a student, busy lifestyles in the West often leave little time for that desperately needed cup of coffee.

A new, innovative type of espresso machine can be thrown into your bag and used on the road for a caffeine hit without the need for cables or power -- all you need is hot water. If family members would appreciate this capacity, this gift is for you.

Price: £45.99 ($75)

Via: The Fowndry

10 of 15 Jawbone

Jawbone's Jambox wireless speakers

While the cost of these speakers usually reaches far beyond the hundred dollar mark, you can pick up a refurbished Jambox from Jawbone online for an impressive gift which doesn't stretch the budget so much.

The Bluetooth-enabled speakers are lightweight, have a modern look and feel and pump out clear sound at volumes higher than you would expect from mobile systems.

Price: $59.99

Via: Jawbone

11 of 15 Charlie Osborne/ZDNet

TomTom Runner GPS sport watch

There are a number of wearable fitness trackers on the market, but if your friends or family prefer chunky watches to slim, button-sized fitness gadgets, the TomTom Runner GPS sport watch is a sure bet for those dedicated to keeping fit.

Available in a variety of colors, the watch is comfortable and while inconspicious enough not to annoy wearers, also sports an easy-tosee display which shows distance traveled, speed and pace, acting as a digital workout partner to keep the wearer going. The simple graphics show how you're doing with your goals whether it be distance or calorie-based, and I can see this device working for someone who doesn't need the extra smartphone trackers or features beyond a simple, reliable tracker.

Price $89.95

Via: Amazon

12 of 15 Charlie Osborne/ZDNet

Anchor for Apple Watch

Another fun but budget-friendly gift on the market this holiday season is one for Apple fans: the Anchor for Apple Watch charger. The charger sports a minimalistic and sleek design -- fitting in well with the Apple ethos -- and is made from a weighted zinc alloy with a non-slip silicon base to keep the charger firmly in place whether you stash it on a desk or other surface.

The charger, compatible with most Apple Watch straps is cheap, but certainly doesn't look it.

Price $24.99

Via: Native Union

13 of 15 Charlie Osborne/ZDNet

Veho Pebble Smartstick

There's little worse when you're out and about and your tablet or smartphone runs out of juice.

One thoughtful gift which can be stowed away in bags to prevent this happening is a juice bar, such as Veho's Pebble Smartstick. Equipped with a 2200mAH battery, the tiny gadget is a good stocking filler for those on the road.

Price: $13.99

Via: Amazon | Veho

14 of 15 Charlie Osborne/ZDNet

Snappy selfie remote

Perhaps a fun gift for teens, the Snappy selfie remote allows smartphone users to set up their mobile device cameras, pose, and take a photo with the click of a button.

Price: £14.99 ($22)

Via: Firebox

15 of 15 Charlie Osborne/ZDNet

Jebsens magnetic car smartphone holder

Another stocking filler -- but for one hopefully old enough to drive -- is the Jebsens magnetic mobile device holder for cars.

A simple but useful gift, the device snaps on to a car's air vent and is strong enough to keep a variety of smartphones steady and ready for use with maps or music.

Price: $7.99

Via: Amazon

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