2015 Holiday tech guide: Gifts for the ultimate man cave

Treat your favorite man to fun gifts and gadgets for his cave this Christmas season with these ideas.
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Cosmic II 412-in-1 Retro Multi Arcade Machine

If you're really looking to treat your man and have some space going in the retreat, consider an arcade machine such as the Cosmic II 412-in-1 retro arcade machine.

While pricey, the potential gift does bring to mind the days of Space Invaders and PacMan -- and packs a whopping 412 games already installed and ready for play. Games on offer beyond those already mentioned include Frogger, Commando, Fantasia and Sky Fox.

Price: £1195 ($1796)

Via: Liberty Games

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HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook

With the emergence of the new Star Wars film, it seems apt for a gift or two which appeals to fans of the franchise. PC maker HP has gotten into the game with the HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook, a design inspired by the films and containing access to restricted Star Wars content. The PC range is equipped with a minimum of an Intel Core i5 processor, 6GB RAM, a 1TB SATA hard drive for storage and the Windows 10 operating system. Couple this with a Star Wars DVD collection to make their day.

Price: $699+

Via: Hewlett Packard

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One for All universal remote

Your favorite man's retreat can always make do with a gadget or two, but to make life easier, consider giving him a universal remote such as One for All's universal control. The remote is easy to setup and allows the user to control up to 8 devices which is programmable through an accompanying app -- whether they need to control the volume on a speaker system, TV, consoles, media players or soundbars.

Price: £39.99 ($60)

Via: One for All

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Viper 787 electronic dart board

If your other half enjoys a game of darts now and then, the Viper 787 electronic dart board could make a great gift.

The dart board can accommodate and record the scores of up to 16 players and includes 43 games with over 200 options.

Price: $54.95

Via: Hayneedle

5 of 17 Geek Chic

Custom gaming tables

If your other half is a keen gamer -- and i'm talking the system, pens, paper and board type of entertainment -- and you have some cash to spend, why not splash out on a custom gaming table for his lair?

Offered by Geek Chic, each table is custom made to order and includes a large board for pieces and separate player stations.

Price: $varies

Via: Geek Chic

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Stormtrooper speakers

A gift which may appeal to your friend or family member's inner geek is the Fowndry's Star Wars Stormtrooper Bluetooth speaker. The Bluetooth-enabled stormtrooper may be small but will pack enough of a punch on a budget to fill a man cave with song thanks to the 5-watt speaker system.

Price: £39.99 ($60)

Via: The Fowndry

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Corsair Gaming headset

What retreat would be complete without a decent headset to block out the sounds of daily life and become absorbed in gaming? Another gift for your man is the Corsair H1500 gaming headset, capable of multichannel gaming audio with a punch thanks to the Dolby 7.1 surround sound, 50mm neodymium drivers and noise cancellation technology. The earphones are comfortable, too, thanks to the memory foam layers in each bud.

Price £67.49 ($101)

Via: Maplin

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Parthica Gaming Keyboard

A decent system, mouse and headset are parts of the puzzle when it comes to rigging a decent gaming setup in a man cave, but not the full picture. Another element to complete a system is a decent, customizable gaming keyboard, such as the Speedlink Parthica gaming keyboard.

The budget-friendly keyboard has 93 configurable keys and 15 programmable buttons -- an enticing feature for games -- as well as keyboard illumination for those who prefer to play with the lights turned off. The keyboard also has raised keys for better precision, and could suit not only a gamer but someone in dire need of a keyboard for professional purposes.

Price £39.99 ($60)

Via: Amazon

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Orbitsound A70 airSOUND bar

If you're looking to splash out a little more on creating a modern, impressive man cave, you might be missing out if you don't take a look at the Orbitsound A70 airSound bar. It's not a cheap option for sure, but the flagship speaker system is stylish enough to make an impact. Whether your man might want it for gaming, music streaming or to connect up to a television, the soundbar and subwoofer bring 300W of power to the user, which does not disappoint in any setting.

Price £499.95 ($750)

Via: Orbitsound

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Discommon bottle opener

Expensive but impressive, this high-end aluminium bottle opener from Discommon is sleek, modern and would look great on any man cave's bar.

Price: $140

Via: Discommon

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Microsoft Xbox One game console

No man cave is complete without a games console or two, and this year, Microsoft hopes to entice you to buy one for your other half.

Reduced in price ahead of the holiday season, Microsoft is offered the Xbox One gaming console with bundled games for as little as $299.

Price: $299+

Via: Microsoft

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Automatic beer dispenser

The ultimate in lazy luxury in a man cave and a gift to get you in the good books for a lifetime, the EdgeStar duel tap beer dispenser stores kegs below, ready to be poured with the twist of the pump.

Price: $499

Via: Amazon

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Kwikset Kevo smart door lock

As a retreat, you don't necessarily want your sticky-fingered children invading. To earn some serious brownie points, gifting your partner with a smart lock that prevents this can earn you some serious brownie points.

The lock can be opened with a traditional key, but as a matter of convenience can also be set up to register to your phone via Bluetooth and open the door with nothing more than a tap.

Price: $199.99

Via: Best Buy

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Wireless gaming chair

Every man cave needs some comfortable seating, but to add a tech element, consider purchasing the wireless gaming chair offered by Target as a gift this year.

The chair, made of faux leather, has inbuilt speakers and is Wi-Fi compatible with game consoles, MP3 players and DVD players.

Price: $139.99


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BenQ projector

Currently on sale, the BenQ 1080p home theater projector is a major component for a truly impressive man cave -- and potentially the perfect gift to keep your other half happy for many days to come.

Price: $689

Via: Amazon

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EdgeStar compact beverage fridge

No retreat is complete without a mini fridge to keep your drinks cool, right?

This year, make your other half's man cave even more special with an EdgeStar 62-can cooler without breaking the bank as the product is currently on sale with a 36 percent discount.

Price: $149.99

Via: Kegerator.com

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SteelSeries Apex M800 mechanical keyboard

If your partner is a gaming fan, a mechanical keyboard which is customizable for his play will likely go down a treat on Christmas day.

The SteelSeries Apex M800 mechanical keyboard is a stylish, metal keyboard dedicated to speed.

The keyboard has its own CPU to cope with key strokes and prevent lag, a layout which reduces the finger stretch needed to strike different keys, and both lights and keys which can be customized depending on the player and how they like to lay out their controls.

Price: £149.95 ($225)

Via: Overclockers

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