2015 Father's Day tech and gadgets gift guide

A gift guide to help you buy gadgets for dads who enjoy their gaming, mobile devices, fishing, photography and more.
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Amazon Fire TV

A rival of Google's Chromecast and the Roku streaming player, Amazon has released the streaming set-top top Fire TV. The $99 box is an easy-to-setup accessory which would be a great addition for dads who subscribe to Amazon's content ecosystem as well as partner third-party services including HBO. The Fire TV can also be used for music playback and image viewing, among other features.

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We all enjoy a BBQ in the summer and stereotypically you'll find dads across the country cooking up a storm. But what about cleaning up afterwards? If your father is not a fan of the scrub down, consider buying him the $119.95 Grillbot -- an automatic cleaning robot to do the job for him.

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BBQ thermometer

Another fun fire-based gadget for cooking is a high-tech BBQ thermometer called the Maverick Redi-Check Wireless Digital BBQ thermometer. Available for $59.99, the kit includes a thermometer, timer and receiver which provides accurate temperature readings. Two probes at the end of the base will allow your dad to keep an eye on both surface and internal temperature, and will alert him if the food is too hot or cold depending on his programmed preferences.

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Ring video doorbell

On occasion, being in the garden, missing the doorbell or having to run a quick errand means you are not around to greet visitors or accept that package you've been waiting for. As an interesting gift for Father's Day -- especially if he is interested in the idea of the connected home -- the Ring Video Doorbell makes an interesting gift and a way to never miss the door again. While rather expensive at $199, the doorbell is easy to install, looks modern and contains a camera and motion sensors which alert you via an accompanying app when there is motion on the property -- and you can both see and speak to them through your smartphone.

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Sky Hawkeye quadcopter

Everyone has their inner child -- and perhaps a personal unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) -- otherwise known as a drone -- will appeal to your dad this Father's Day. The $108 Sky Hawkeye quadcopter is a remote controlled drone equipped with an HD camera and capable of 360-degree flight. It does need to be treated gently due to plastic components but the camera quality is good for the relatively cheap price.

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Is your dad a fan of fishing? If so, consider adding a tech edge to the sport. The $139 FishHunter is a smartphone-connected kit which includes a sonar system, charger for cars and boats and a waterproof phone case. The watertight, baseball-sized transducer measures water depth, temperature and helps you detect fish through sonar -- giving you a good idea where to cast. The accompanying app can be used to display this data, and also acts as a logbook and GPS-based map of local fishing spots.

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FitBit Flex

There are a number of wearable devices on the market which focus on fitness. If your dad is the sporty type or is looking towards becoming fitter, the $99.95 Fitbit Flex is a discreet band which tracks steps, distance and calories burned while running -- and can also monitor sleeping patterns at night. If linked up with the Flex app, your father can track his progress and hopefully stay motivated.

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Nixplay Edge Frame

Family, of course, is important on Father's Day. To keep memories alive without needing to login to Facebook or dig out the old family albums, consider buying him a digital photo frame such as the Nixplay Edge Frame. The 8-inch or 13-inch frame is thin, lightweight, and pulls up family albums and playlists after you have signed up for a cloud-based Nix account. You can create playlists from uploaded albums -- a quick and easy process -- before sending them to one or more frames for easy viewing.

The 8-inch Nixplay Edge Frame can be purchased for $129.99 and the 13 in. for $249.99.

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Blast Golf Replay

If your dad happens to be a fan of golf, the Blast Motion: Blast Golf Replay can help him improve his game. The Bluetooth-enabled gadget's motion sensors records putts and full swings for up to eight hours, analyzing the game and allowing them to improve and share their progress online if they wish. Available for iOS users, the gadget also can capture video highlights of particularly impressive games and create ready-made videos for you.

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Verus smartphone cases

There is a wide variety of smartphone cases out there -- whether you're after style, personalization or rugged protection. One company which offers reasonably-priced cases is Verus, ranging from leather to rugged and designed for a variety of smartphones. To keep your father's device safe and retain style, cases on offer include sliders, ones equipped with bumpers to prevent hard knocks and simple, metallic cases to help prevent scratches and accidental cracks.

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Enerpack Plus

A portable charger for your gadgets isn't often top of the list, but can be essential when you're on the road. If your father travels often, consider gifting him a juice pack such as the $34.95 UNU Enerpack Plus, a 8,000mAh charger which comes with two USB ports for smartphones and larger devices. It might not be the most exciting gift to get this Father's Day, but can certainly become one of the most useful.

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Koomus smartphone car mount

Now smartphones are well on the way to replacing the sat-nav, a useful gift for Father's Day is a mount suitable for the car and able to keep a smartphone in position safely. The $15.99 Koomus universal car mount holder is one such product, as it can cater for devices from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches in width and can be swivelled to give your dad his preferred angle when following directions in his vehicle.

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Kindle Paperwhite

A popular choice for dads who enjoy reading, one of Amazon's latest products in the Kindle lineup is the $199 Kindle Paperwhite. The e-reader's screen prevents the same glare you get from standard tablets and is able to hold thousands of books. Charging is also a rare occurance if Wi-Fi is not enabled, allowing your father can read for weeks on a single charge.

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Logitech Harmony smart control

Make your dad take it easy by giving him a gadget able to control up to eight home devices. The $129.99 Logitech Harmony smart control, combined with the Logitech Harmony Hub, allows you to control products including your TV and consoles by either the remote itself or your smartphone. The universal remote communicates with the hub through RF technology, which means your father won't need to directly point the remote at anything to change the channel, listen to music or boot up his gaming console.

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Skinit gaming skins

Available for a variety of consoles, SkinIt provides customizable and theme-based skins for your father's favorite devices. Reasonably priced and glossy, the skins can be purchased to fit around and protect consoles ranging from the Playstation 4 to Xbox One, and if you wish, you can also acquire a matching smartphone skin.

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Sonos PLAY 3

If your dad is a music fan, consider investing in an impressive wireless speaker system this Father's Day. The Sonos Play:3 speaker system, complete with three individual speakers, is a wireless setup which will allow your dad to stream his music library, radio stations and music services. A crisp sound with an emphasis on bass, the Play:3 can also be customized to provide different bass, treble, balance and loudness depending on which room -- or rooms -- the speaker set is placed.

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