Cool new consumer gadgets at CES 2018 (CNET)

We take a break from scouring the CES show floor for shiny new business tech to share with you CNET's picks for cool consumer gear.
By CNET Staff, Contributor
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L'Oreal UV Sense

The makeup master has developed a battery-free wearable that measures UV exposure. At only 2mm thick and 9mm in diameter, the tiny electronic sensor can be worn on a fingernail or pair of sunglasses and, via an app, will give the wearer warnings about sun exposure.Available exclusively through dermatologists in 2018 with a global launch planned for 2019. Estimated pricing is $40 or less (roughly converting to £30 in the UK and AU$50).

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LG Display's roll-up OLED TV

LG kicks things off with a TV from the realm of science fiction -- a 65-inch 4K OLED display that rolls into a tube, like an upside down window shade. Imagine it at the foot of your four-poster bed or the end of your luxury bath. We can dream that this futuristic boob tube will hit the market soon, but LG hasn't announced pricing or availability, let alone an explanation of how the thing actually works. Pricing and availability unknown.

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Sony Xperia X2 Ultra

Sony's highest-end Xperia features a wide angle camera that can shoot 120-degree photos at 8 megapixels (as well as 16-megapixel standard-angle photos). Plus, a fingerprint sensor on the back. The phone will sell in select markets starting in late January, pricing has not yet been announced.

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Planet Computers Gemini

If you're looking for the perfect mobile accessory for your retro 90s outfit, the Gemini clamshell is for you. Pure throwback on the outside, but all business on the inside with a 10-core processor, 64GB of storage and 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. It's not yet in stores but you can pre-order via Indiegogo. The 4G LTE model sells for $599 (£442, AU$764) and the Wi-Fi only model sells for $499 (£368, AU$636).

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Kolibree Magik smart toothbrush

Brush teeth, kill monsters, prevent cavities. The Magik smart toothbrush uses computer vision technology, motion tracking and your phone's front-facing camera to power an augmented reality gaming app. Sounds like fun.Availability and pricing unknown.

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LG 88-inch 8K OLED TV

With every Black Friday sale overflowing with 4K TVs, LG had no choice but to go all out on 8K for this year's CES. And this 88-inch behemoth will blow your eyes out of your head with its 7,680x4,320-pixel resolution -- four times that of your now-middling 4K set and 16 times more than a pitiable standard full-HD TV. You'll still have to wait for actual 8K things to watch, however. Availability and pricing unknown.

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Hyundai hydrogen fuel cell SUV

Equipped with a 120 kW e-motor, Hyundai estimates its prototype fuel cell powertrain, bolstered by three 700-bar hydrogen tanks and a 1.56 kWh lithium-ion battery, will get more than 350 miles per fill-up. Plus, the only emission it leaves behind is water vapor. We drove one here to Vegas -- hit the Read More link to find out more.Available in late 2018, pricing unknown.

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Vuzix Blade smart glasses

Google Glass is gone. Into the void steps Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant, hitching a ride aboard the Vuzix Blade smart glasses. Vuzix has embedded a camera, microphone and side-mounted touchpad in this chunky but pretty normal-looking pair of sunglasses, which takes phone calls and puts Alexa's giant brain between your ears. Pricing and availability unknown

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Acer Swift 7

Every CES there's a competition over who has the skinniest device. This year, thinnest laptop award goes to the Acer Swift 7 -- at 8.98mm thick, a credible contender for thinnest laptop in the world. Available in April, starting at $1,699 (about £1,250 or AU$2,160 converted

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Garmin Forerunner GPS smartwatch

Garmin could leave Apple in the dust with this one. The Forerunner music watch, with storage for 500 songs, also supports GPS, Garmin Pay and has physical buttons instead of a touchscreen -- which may be preferable for those on the move.Starting at $450 (about £331.55 or AU$574.04 converted) or $400 (about £294.71 or AU$510.38 converted) for the non-music version, availability not yet announced.

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Blade Shadow gaming PC subscription service

All of the upsides of a high-end gaming rig without the cost or technical requirements of actually owning one. That's the promise of the Blade Shadow -- a high-end Windows PC remotely accessible from any computer, phone or tablet for about $35 per month (about £25 or AU$45).Available in California starting Feb. 15, with a broader US rollout coming in summer 2018 (preorders start Jan. 11).

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XYZprinting da Vinci Nano 3D

Equipped with a mobile app, an emphasis on ease of use and a reasonable price, the da Vinci Nano 3D could be the portable, single-color 3D printer affordable enough for the home and classroom.Available in mid-2018 starting at $229 (£170 or AU$290 converted).

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Delta's Alexa faucet

"That's too cold, Alexa!" Delta's Wi-Fi-connected and Alexa-powered smart faucet lets you use voice commands to turn the water on or off, pour out a specific amount, or adjust the temperature.Availability and pricing unknown.

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Samsung Family Hub smart fridge

Samsung's newest smart refrigerator recommends recipes based on your family's food preferences, allergies and, thanks to the integrated cameras, the ingredients you have on hand. And the new Deals app saves sale-priced groceries to your shopping list.Availability and pricing unknown.

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HP Spectre x360

The Spectre x360 lives a double life as a tablet and high-performance laptop. And this premium two-in-one comes equipped with some nasty specs including quad-core eighth-gen Intel Core i-series processors and your choice of Radeon RX Vega M or Nvidia GeForce MX 150 discrete graphics.Coming to Best Buy and HP.com in March, prices will start at $1,370 (roughly equivalent to £1,010 and AU$1,750).

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Kohler Numi Intelligent Toilet

Does your toilet feel excluded from your smart home setup? Kohler's new top-of-the-line model delivers hands-free flushing, bidet cleansing, feet warming, air drying, odor control, music, a night light and automatic seat temperature management. Plus, you can ask Alexa to flush. Availability and pricing unknown.

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Kohler Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror

The centerpiece of Kohler's connected bathroom, the new Verdera lighted mirror has an Alexa-enabled speaker built into the bottom in addition to two front-facing microphones that receive your voice commands. You get touch controls to adjust sound and light levels, a night light and motion sensors that raise the light levels when someone stands in front of it.The mirror will be available in three different sizes, each with its own unannounced price, and is slated for a March release.

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Kohler DTV+ Showering System

Kohler's signature line of high-tech showers now has an app. Kohler Konnect lets you set your shower to a specific water temperature and flow rate as well as control music and lighting with voice commands. Availability and pricing unknown

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Kohler PerfectFill Bathtub

Kohler's new bathtub supports voice commands for water temperature and fill level, or tweaking via the company's new Konnect app. And, of course, you can always adjust the tub's hydrotherapy and vibracoustic soundwave settings.Availability and pricing unknown.

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Moodo scent machine

Gather up all of your scented candles and oils and throw them in the garbage. Feel better? If not, you may be interested in Moodo's Wi-Fi-connected, Alexa-supported scent machine that can make your home smell like an ashram spa or beach party. Pricing starts at $189 (about £140 or AU$240 converted), available now at moodo.co.

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Samsung Q9S

Samsung's newly announced Q9S is the first 85-inch 8K TV with artificial intelligence, according to the company. The TV uses this AI power to upscale regular content into 8K, Samsung said. Availability and pricing isn't available just yet.

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Samsung 186-inch MicroLED TV

How big do you like your TVs? Because Samsung at CES revealed a 186-inch MicroLED screen. And best of all, it's not just a concept: It'll be available this year, the company said.Beyond that, no specific information was given on availability or pricing.

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Omron HeartGuide

Omron's HeartGuide is a smartwatch with medical-grade blood pressure tracking. That's on top of all the fitness tracking and notifications you've come to expect from wearables.It's still undergoing clinical tests, and should be submitted to the FDA later this year. The target price is $349, about the cost of an Apple Watch (converts to roughly AU$445, £260).

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Debussy Nathaniel headphones

Debussy's Nathaniel headphones are 4G-enabled, so you don't need to connect it to a phone or computer to play music. Instead, you control it through these LCD screens. They're only in prototype phase at the moment, but that velvet sure is real. Oh, and they'll cost $5,000. Debussy said it hopes to get them to market within 18 months.

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Nvidia BFGD

BFGD stands for Big Format Gaming Display. How big is big? 65-inches, much bigger than most gaming monitors, which often max out at around half the size. The low-latency BFGD monitor was built by Nvidia along with partners HP, Asus and Acer, and packs the GPU maker's Nvidia Shield streaming tech. Nvidia says it will ship the BFGD later this summer, and pricing was not announced.

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Volkswagen's I.D. Buzz

Nvidia's tech isn't just about gaming. Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess took the stage at Nvidia's CES keynote, where he said the automaker will integrate Nvidia's just-announced Drive IX platform into the I.D. Buzz. This will let it recognize people as they approach the car, unlock the door for the owner or other trusted people, and tailor the in-car experience through personalization.The I.D. Buzz concept will become a reality, but when, and for how much, is not yet known.

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Elmer Smart Shower

Elmer's Smart Shower will require a remodel, but for that, and the cost of the smart shower itself, you'll get an Amazon Alexa-powered shower that can play you surround sound tunes and lather you in essential oils. Plus, you'll be able to control the temperature and strength of the water with your voice.Elmer's Smart Shower range starts at $1,500 and goes up to $3,000.

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Intel's 8th-gen G series with AMD

Intel and AMD, rivals in the CPU game, have teamed up to bring us a new set of processors. Specifically, they merge Intel's Core i5 and i7 processing power with AMD's Radeon RX Vega M graphics technology. In other words, like Nvidia's Max-Q architecture, this new setup will make gaming laptops smaller and thinner. Neither Intel nor AMD announced any laptops that are powered by these chips, though CES 2018 is still young.

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