Favorite gifts: Top tech, gadgets for under $100

Check out our guide to exciting technology and cool gadgets that are sure to please your special someone without breaking the bank.
By Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer
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Google Daydream View 2

Google's Daydream View 2 is an affordable augmented and virtual reality headset compatible with the Pixel 2, Galaxy S8 and Note series, as well as some LG and Huawei smartphones, among others.

The device can be used to overlay AR onto photography, as well as access AR and VR-enabled apps and games.

Price: $99 (£99)

Via: Google US | UK

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Amazon Echo Dot

If Google Home isn't your cup of tea or there is already an Amazon Echo in the home, the Amazon Echo Dot could be a good bolt-on gift for someone who wants the Alexa voice assistant extended throughout a property.

The smaller version of the Echo comes with the same features for controlling smart devices, using the voice assistant and more, but just has a smaller speaker.

Price: $49.99 (£49.99)

Via: Amazon US | UK

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Roku Premiere+

A gift for cable cutters, the Roku Premiere+ is an update on the previous Roku streaming stick which is able to support HD and 4K Ultra HD content streaming. Roku grants access to free television channels and is also able to stream subscription-based content from providers including Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Price: Sale: $49.99

Via: Amazon US | UK alternative

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Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini is another affordable but smart gift. The smaller version of Google Home, the device includes a smart speaker, the Google voice assistant, a means to control your smart home devices, access the news, weather, your schedule, and more.

Price: $49 (£49)

Via: Google

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Flic is an interesting connected home gadget. The button can be placed on a wall or other surfaces and, once pressed, can be programmed for a variety of purposes. One click, two, three, or hold -- each one can be selected to do anything from sending a text to someone, dim your smart lights, turn the music up, and more.

Price: $34.99 (£29.99)

Via: Flic (UK: Amazon)

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SteelSeries Arctis 5 headset

Being on a budget does not mean you cannot buy decent headsets. For example, the SteelSeries Arctis 5 headset is a good entry-level gaming headset complete with a microphone. It is comfortable enough -- while not on the level of more expensive product ranges -- but the sound and voice quality is beyond what you may expect at this price point.

Price: $78.80 (£84.99)

Via: Amazon US | UK

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Superhubs USB hub

Likely to prove a hit with retro gaming fans, the Superhubs USB hub is a gamepad-style hub complete with four USB slots.

Price: £6.99

Via: Iwantoneofthose

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Take Better Selfies lens kit

If your loved one would like to try their hand at mobile photography, a good and affordable place to start is a mobile lens set, such as the Take Better Selfies lens kit.

Basic but a fun stocking filler, the set includes fish-eye, wide angle, macro, telescopic and CPL lenses compatible with the majority of smartphones.

Price: £19.99

Via: Iwantoneofthose

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Chipolo Card

If you have a loved one who is forever losing their wallet or other belongings, the Chipolo Card could be a great gift this Christmas.

The Chipolo Card is an incredibly thin, credit-card sized device which can either be slotted into a purse or connected to a device and through an accompanying app, will set off an alarm if the user is looking for their missing gear.

Price: €35 ($40)

Via: Chipolo

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Skyroam Solis

The Skyroam Solis could be an invaluable gift someone who is constantly traveling and need Internet access.

The tiny pay-as-you-go device acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot in over 100 countries, offering 4G LTE mobile Internet access without worrying over extortionate roaming charges.

Price: $99 (also available in EU)

Via: Skyroam

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Google Chromecast

Fans of streaming content will enjoy a Google Chromecast. The affordable device plugs into TV HDMI ports and is able to stream media including YouTube videos, mobile games, and apps, as well as tap into sources including Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and other subscription services.

Price: $35 (£30)

Via: Google

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Handheld retro gaming

A frankly cute gift for serious retro game fans out there, this tiny handheld 8-Bit LCD gaming console could make a fun stocking filler, coming with over 100 classic games.

Price: $20 (£14.99)

Via: The Fowndry

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Jawbone Mini Jambox speaker

Jawbone's Mini Jambox speaker, a portable device available in a variety of colors, is a powerful system in a small package.

The Mini Jambox is known for good sound quality and also contains a built-in speakerphone, the ability to connect up to additional speakers, and can operate for roughly 10 hours on a single charge.

Price: Sale: $48 (£59.99)

Via: Amazon US | UK

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Anker PowerCore 10000 power bank

When you are on the move, whether for work, study, or play, there is little worse than running out of juice for your mobile devices. A useful gift is a juice bank, such as the Anker PowerCore 10000, which can be thrown into a bag or suitcase and pulled out when needed to give your smartphone or tablet power on the go.

Price: $25.99 (£20)

Via: Amazon US | UK

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Cheerwing Syma quadcopter drone

Hobbyist drones have become big business in recent years and while some models can cost upwards of a thousand dollars or more, there are many entry-level products which can be just as enjoyable.

The Cheerwing Syma quadcopter drone, for example, is an affordable drone which comes equipped with an HD camera, Wi-Fi compatibility, and a controller which once paired with a smartphone, allows users to view live footage as the drone is in the air.

Price: $49.98

Via: Amazon US | UK alternative

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Pico projector

The Pico projector is a smartphone-enabled mini projector which could be a great gift this year for people who enjoy streaming content from their mobile devices but would like a bigger screen on occasion. The device is compatible with Android and iOS handsets.

Price: $42.98 (£39.99)

Via: Amazon US | UK

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Stormtrooper decanter

A little different to be sure, but a sure way to an adult Star Wars' fans' heart is a Stormtrooper decanter this Christmas.

Price: $29 (£21.99)

Via: The Fowndry

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The HoverDock is a minimalist, stylish charging station for Apple iPhones and could be a valued gift for Apple fans this Christmas.

Price: $34.95 (€39.95)

Via: Just Mobile (EU) | Amazon (US)

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HAVIT gaming mouse

Affordable and of very good quality for the price -- acting as my own standard gaming mouse -- the HAVIT mouse. The LED-based mouse, while basic, is comfortable to use and likely to prove a hit for PC gamers this holiday season.

Price: $7.99 (£6.99)

Via: Amazon US | UK

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