10 indoor security cameras for a smarter home or office

Many of the popular security cameras available to purchase right now not only make your home or office safer but also smarter. They're loaded with intelligent features and sometimes even include support for digital assistants like Alexa, all with the purpose of giving you some peace of mind.
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Amazon Cloud Cam ($119)

Amazon Cloud Cam offers a 1080p HD live feed with two-way audio, motion notifications, and free 24-hour clip storage. However, only Amazon cloud subscribers can set motion zones and receive person alerts. Also, continuous recording is not available, and there's no local microSD card storage. Still, it's affordable, easy to use, supports Amazon Alexa and IFTTT, and works with Amazon Key, Amazon's service that will deliver and leave packages inside your home office.

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Nest Cam IQ ($299)

Nest Cam IQ offers some advancements over the Nest Cam Indoor. It has an 8-megapixel, 4K image sensor, 12x digital zoom, new live-streaming security features, and two-way talk. Its main body is on a hinge that connects to a stem, which hides the cables, and a base with a USB Type-C connector. Unfortunately, you still have to pay at least $10 per month for continuous cloud video storage. But it's still a solid camera that's recommended for most office or home security DIYers, especially because it supports IFTTT, Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa integrations.

For a cheaper option, Nest does offer its Nest Cam Indoor.

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Nest Cam Indoor ($199)

Nest Cam Indoor offers high-resolution video (1080p) and a magnetic base with a pivoting stand. However, like the old Dropcam Pro, Nest Cam is basically a webcam with some smart security features, like opt-in motion and sound alerts, though you can only receive one notification every 30 minutes. But, DIYers searching for a high-res live streaming camera still can't beat the price and the integration support (IFTTT, Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, etc).

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Samsung Smartcam PT ($100)

This Samsung camera is getting up there in age, but it's noteworthy, as it can track motion activity around a room. It also offers 1080p video, local and cloud storage, motion detection zones, and a privacy mode. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with any smart home platforms, not even Samsung's SmartThings. We also think Samsung needs to improve the camera's app interface.

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Hive View Camera ($149)

If you want a stylish camera, consider the Hive View. It offers 1080p HD video and a live color feed is available on the Hive app with one-way audio. The Hive View also includes person detection, which you can turn on or off. But, if you're looking for IFTTT, Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa integrations, better go with the Nest Indoor Cam or Amazon Cloud Cam.

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Netgear Arlo Q ($150)

The Netgear Arlo Q features 1080p HD resolution, motion and sound alerts, two-way talk, night vision, activity zones, free 7-day event-based cloud storage, and a few third-party integrations including support for Alexa. But both the web and mobile apps need a bit of an update. Still, if you want a simple, affordable indoor home security camera with free cloud storage, Arlo Q is it.

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Canary All-In-One ($99)

Canary AIO is another one getting a bit old, but we like it because it can be set up in a matter of minutes and will learn over time to deliver you smarter notifications. It offers Full HD video recording, HD audio recording, instant alerts when activity is detected, and a siren. Canary AIO also monitors air quality, temperature, and humidity, which is unique, and it works with Wink, Alexa, and Google Assistant for smart home integrations.

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Canary Flex ($150)

For those after a weatherproof option, Canary also offers the Canary Flex, which can be installed wire-free or plugged in, inside or outside of your home. It's a smaller than the standard Canary and doesn't come with a siren, but it does have a built-in speaker. Also on the downside, it limited to 720p HD live streaming and has a smaller 116-degree field of view. But, in terms of integrations, currently works with Wink, Alexa, and Google Assistant for smart home integrations.

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Logitech Circle 2 ($179)

Logitech's Circle 2 is a wired 1080p security camera that offers live streaming and works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant. It can be used indoors or out too, as it relies on an adapter for power. So, you should only buy this wired model if you don't mind keeping your it close to an outlet. But, Logitech does sell a wire-free Circle 2 camera separately.

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Netatmo Welcome ($190)

The Netatmo Welcome camera uniquely features facial recognition and customisable profiles. But it doesn't offer a speaker for two-way talk, or a siren, night-light, or music capabilities. On the plus side, there are no subscription charges. The included 8GB SD card will store up to 100 videos. In our review, we noticed that the live feed lags, and the notifications are delayed, but we were still impressed by the cutting edge camera tech.

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