Just look at these crazy-spendy luxury gadgets

The luxury tech market is full of gadgets that you did not even know you wanted ... until now
1 of 17 Delfin Wellness

CocoOne First-Class Cocooning Lounge

An "outdoor" poolside lounge, the CocoOne is a luxury cocoon for rich and I-have-nothing-better-to-do-than-make-whoopie-in-a-high-tech-pod-type people. With sound-dampening technology, LED lights, and all electronic functions controllable with an iPad, the CocoOne is so exclusive, they don't even list the price on the site; you have to contact them for a quote.

2 of 17 Harry Winston

Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 6

The ultimate in watches, the Histoire de Tourbillon 6 is the latest in the Harry Winston Tourbillon collection. The way it tells time is very fancy -- so fancy, you can't say it in English. They're only selling 20 pieces, each at over $700,000.

3 of 17 Zafirro

Zafirro Iridium Razor

The blades are made from sapphire. The razor is made from iridium (that's meteorite metal, folks). The price? A cool $100,000.

4 of 17 Kohler

Kohler Numi toilet

If you're going to be rich, you might as well use a bathroom with the latest in toilet tech (yep, that's a thing). The Kohler Numi has a built-in sensor (the toilet can tell when you're around), speakers, a bidet with all sorts of bells and whistles, a heated seat, an air deodorizer -- the list goes on and on. How much does it cost? Only $6,390.

5 of 17 SubPac

SubPac M2

Why just listen to sound when you can feel it? That's right, the SubPac M2 is a wearable subwoofer that allows your body to literally feel the music via tactile transducers and vibrotactile membranes. Plus, it has Bluetooth. Price: About $570

6 of 17 Triton Submarines LLC

Triton 6600 Submarine

Who goes to lowly Paris on a weekend when you can take a deep dive and find lost pirate treasure instead? With the Triton 6600 submarine, you can go 6,600 feet down into the deep. And it has high-output LEDs. Price: Upon request

7 of 17 Jet Capsule

The Jet Capsule

Why wouldn't you want a tiny yacht that looks like a spaceship? With a power engine and the ability to customize the interior, the Jet Capsule also does not have pricing on the website, just a contact for more information, but reports have it starting at $150,000.

8 of 17 Hammacher Schlemmer

The Tranquility Pod

Why use a sleep mask when you can have a tranquility pod? With a temperature controlled waterbed, an 80-watt speaker sound system, soothing LED lighting (that can change to up to 50 colors), and a biofeedback ambient lighting system that can synchronize to your heart rate, this little man-made womb will give you all the peace and quiet money can buy. That is, if you can drop $30,000.

9 of 17 Hot Tug

The Hot Tug

It's a hot tub that is also a tug boat. We kid you not. Price: Starts at $24,950

10 of 17 Clearview

The Clio Invisible Speaker

Technically this Bluetooth speaker isn't invisible invisible. You can see it; it's just not that easy, considering it's made of glass. Price: $299

11 of 17 Master & Dynamic

Carolyn Rowan for Master & Dynamic Headphones

If you're a billionaire DJ, then you surely have these Swarovski-crystal encrusted headphones, created by luxury accessory designer Carolyn Rowan. Price: $1,000

12 of 17 Orobino

Padova iPad Case

The Padova Case for iPads is sleek, sexy ... and probably has PETA up in arms, as it can come in alligator or ostrich leather. Price: Starts at $209

13 of 17 Montblanc

Montblanc E-Tag

A key fob that, with a smartphone, allows you to locate your luggage anywhere, this gadget will set you back a cool $200.

14 of 17 PRIMA

Prima Cinema

Instead of battling the crowds to watch the latest J.J. Abrams movie opening weekend, the Prima Cinema allows you to watch the latest at the box office all in the comfort of your home. SAG screeners, take that. Price: $35,000 for the system, $500 per movie

15 of 17 Belty

Belty the self-adjusting belt

Imagine a belt that knows you well. Now imagine a belt that knows you a little too well. That's the Belty.

Billed as a "high-end wellness belt," this thing is smart it can adjust its tightness whenever you sit down or stand up. It vibrates if you've been sitting too long. It tracks your steps, and lets you know if you waistline has grown (or the opposite) over time.

It hasn't been released yet, but industry watchers are expecting a luxury price point.

16 of 17 NUA Robotics

Smart Suitcase by NUA Robotics

Look Ma, no hands! That's right, this suitcase by NUA Robotics is hands-free. Controlled via your smartphone, it will follow you around, wheeling itself merrily along. The price hasn't been officially set yet, but reports expect it to cost at least $400.

17 of 17 DaVinci

DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer

Typical bongs are cheap. These are not.

Fully customizable, with a 3-hour battery life, adjustable temperature, a glass vapor path and the ability to vape a leaf or an essential oil, the Ascent is for those who want to live it up, vape-style. Price: $199

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