Must-have mobile apps for smart workers

ZDNet Asia picks out top apps across four mobile platforms--iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone--to put some organization into your life.

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We live in an increasingly mobile world in which work is no longer limited to one's office and employees work on-the-go more often than not. As such, ZDNet Asia has compiled a selection of useful mobile apps handy to boost one's productivity and efficiency.

Use this mindmapping tool to better see the big picture without having to search frantically for a whiteboard. Add topics, change the shape of the mindmap, create notes and pick colors for different subjects--all at your fingertips.

"I have random ideas for work all the time but this really helps me consolidate everything," Jessica Chua, advertising executive said.

For: iOS devices; US$7.99

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Calvetica syncs with the preinstalled iOS calendar to make remembering events and notes that much faster and easier. Two steps are all it takes to create an event. It is also possible to see the full week's or day's appointments at one glance. Best part is, the sleek interface makes one's hectic week look that much more manageable.

For: iOS devices; US$0.99

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You might be out and about with numerous errands to run, but TaskAware will prevent you from forgetting to pick up a package or meeting a client. Create a task, set a notification radius and the app will remind you of an event once you enter the area. The overview map helps in showing all of the day's tasks for you to plan out your time and travel routes, clearly and efficiently.

For: iOS devices; US$9.99

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Edit your Microsoft Office documents from anywhere, at anytime. Once done, you can safely store these using the integrated cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Docs and Apple's MobileMe.

"[Using QuickOffice,] I could finish my work on my iPad during my 20-hour flight from Singapore to New York," financial analyst Chua Kok Wei said.

For: iOS, Android devices; US$14.99 (trial version free)

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Gone are the days when you have to dial in for a phone or video conference via the desktop. GoToMeeting makes online and Web conferencing a breeze by making presentations and reports easily accessible for viewing and sharing.

For: iOS, Android devices; Free

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Web masters and site operators will appreciate DroidAnalytics. Keep tabs on statistics such as daily, weekly and yearly figures for page views, number of visitors and time per visit, which are derived from Google Analytics, through the app's neatly organized tables and graphs.

For: Android devices; US$2.39

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Remember everything across all your devices--from your handset to desktops--with Evernote. Whether it is handwritten notes, photos, to-do-lists, voice reminders or interesting online articles, the app helps to organize these in an easy-to-search manner.

For: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone devices; Free

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Manage your to-do list just by speaking into your phone. Add, edit or delete tasks as well as share them with other people simply by imputing voice instructions. Siri who?

For: Android devices; Free

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Have to send a package overseas but worried that it will be lost in transit? This app brings peace of mind by tracking the activity of various shipping carriers including DHL, FedEx and Aramex. Users can choose to display their package route, customize carrier lists and set notifications and alerts via ringtones.

For: Android devices, US$1.99

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As the name suggests, drivers can now keep their hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road yet remain contactable during their commute. DriveSafely enables your BlackBerry device to read out text messages and e-mails, as they come in.

For: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone devices, Free

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Mobile browsing receives a speed boost with this browser app. It loads Web pages in seconds, and streams Flash and HTML 5 videos from YouTube or Facebook. One user, student Ian Lee, said: "I can watch dramas without much video lag while I'm on the train and underground."

For: Android, BlackBerry devices; Free

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Managing your contacts becomes a more pleasant task with the Business Card Reader. Import contacts to your device by simply taking a photo of the business card and the app will automatically impute the details according to the relevant fields. English aside, the software recognizes French, Italian, German and Spanish words.

For: iOS (US$4.99), Android (US$11.99), BlackBerry and Windows Phone (US$9.99) devices

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Get a clearer idea of how you are spending your time, and identify time sinks to steer clear from them. This app clocks in the exact time spent for each tasks and, over time, there will be analyzable time patterns according to one's activities.

For: BlackBerry devices; US$9.99

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Nice Office transforms your BlackBerry into a virtual mobile office. Check your e-mails, update calendar, contacts and tasks, store your documents online and track sales activities, from the convenience of your mobile device.

Entrepreneur Chee Juay pointed out: "Nice Office is my right-hand man. I never have to worry about work when I'm out of home or office."

For: BlackBerry devices; Free

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Print from anywhere with RoboPrint. Just install the application on the mobile device as well as the computer linked to the printer you want to print from and, voila, you now have a hardcopy version of the document readily available.

For: Android devices, Windows Phone; Free

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Collaborate on documents, share pictures and stream music and videos stored on your home computer to your devices with TappIn. It allows you to add a layer of secured authentication for others to access your content, too.

For: iOS, Android, Windows Phone; US$9.99 per year (lite verson free)

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