Norton Internet Security 2010 beta: Screenshots

This week Symantec made beta versions of its flagship Norton Internet Security 2010 and Antivirus 2010 products available for testing. We put NIS 2010 through its paces to see how it stacks up.
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The 2010 editions of Norton introduce a security concept Symantec is calling "reputation".

Symantec describes reputation as the ability to leverage the anonymous data contributions of its millions of customers about the characteristics of the applications running on their systems. "This data enables Symantec to calculate a reputation safety score for each application," Symantec said in a statement. "Without ever having to ask the user, Symantec can statistically infer with an extremely high degree of accuracy the likelihood of an unknown application being good or bad."

We installed the beta of Norton Internet Security 2010 in a virtualised environment using Windows XP Service Pack 3 and Sun's Virtual Box 3.0.

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Unlike with many installation programs, this progress bar seems to accurately measure progress.

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Serial numbers haven't disappeared with the new version.

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The basic home screen for the software is simple, streamlined, and quite similar to that of the software's predecessor, Norton 2009.

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You can easily run quick, complete or custom malware scans.

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The scanning dialog.

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Updates coming down the tubes from Symantec HQ.

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Norton Internet Security can provide a map of your local network so you can work out which machines are secure and which are not.

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We found the settings dialog very comprehensive ... a little too much so, at times.

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Norton's Identity Safe feature allows users to securely store web log-in credentials, as well as other information such as credit cards and addresses.

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Norton automatically installed its plug-in in Internet Explorer.

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Drilling down into performance data.

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Application ratings link into Norton's reputation system, leveraging data from its massive global user base.

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Scheduling scans and other activities.

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You can temporarily turn off features like the firewall, but Norton will make you feel just a little bit naughty doing so.

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