Tech fail: show us your tech gremlins

There is rarely a day that goes by without someone relating a story of a technology fail. It can either be a spectacular visual breakdown, or just that sinking feeling when you realise you really did just delete that data. We show you some of our low tech moments in the hopes that you might share yours with us.
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(Credit: Luke Hopewell/ZDNet Australia)

A logic board failure spelled the end for ZDNet Australia journalist Luke Hopewell's beloved 2008 MacBook Pro. First the fan stopped working, then the whole machine froze and died, taking with it four years worth of photos, videos and documents.

In a cruel twist of fate, Hopewell's backup drive also crashed, rendering the data unusable and not salvageable. Remember readers, always backup to the cloud.

Has something similar happened to you? Show us your laptop crash photo.

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(Credit: Ty Pendlebury/ZDNet Australia)

This technology disaster must have happened to anyone who has travelled. You've just sat down on the plane and are getting ready to have a glass of wine and enjoy a movie or two when an announcement comes over the loudspeaker. "We're having problems with our entertainment system. We have to restart it."

At least this isn't the Windows blue screen of death, but I'm sure a few people would have been despising Red Hat at this moment.

How often does this happen to you on flights? Send us your own pictures.

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(Screenshot by Michael Lee/ZDNet Australia)

Google maps weather was feeling very disoriented on the day this screenshot was captured. Not only does it show Port Jackson as being on top of Martin Place, but it lists Sydney twice on the map, once in Greenacre, near Bankstown, and once in Parramatta. We know that Western Sydney is home to many, but should it be labelled as the centre of the city?

When was your last maps failure? Send us a screenshot.

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(Credit: Irene Mickaiel/ZDNet Australia)

ZDNet Australia sub-editor Irene Mickaiel's new HTC Sensation started acting badly after only a week and a half. The screen started to display stripes across black backgrounds — Mickaiel called it the rainbow because of all the colours. A couple of days later, like a virus, the rainbow spread out to the camera with photos taking on the colourful stripes.

The pixellation made the home screen unrecognisable from its original self. The touchscreen and apps became temperamental, refusing to work at times, and the phone kept locking the SIM card.

We hear many people had this problem. Did you? Have you had other mobile phone problems? Upload your photos.

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(Credit: Zennith Geisler/ZDNet Australia)

We think this Virgin broadband and home phone modem (released back in 2007) may have been possessed. It stopped working, then came back online, but then only showed weird inverted writing. At least the helpful people from Virgin Broadband have kindly informed us that the service won't work if it's not plugged in...

This modem is a bit of a blast from the past. Do you have old modems with funny habits? Tell us.

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(Screenshot by Irene Mickaiel/ZDNet Australia)

Firefox is the new black?

When doing some online shopping, Firefox suddenly decided it was all too hard, showing a black screen. It could have become cross-dimensionally connected to a black hole. But then again perhaps it was just the tech gremlins striking again.

Any idea why this might have happened? Do you have similar stories?

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(Credit: Zennith Geisler/ZDNet Australia)

YouTube is undoubtedly popular, but demoting the entire iPhone to a YouTube access point is a bit much. Seriously, we do more than watch videos on our mobiles, don't we?

Come on. We know you have iPhone tech fails.

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(Credit: Zennith Geisler/ZDNet Australia)

This early MacBook Pro had a hard life. As you can see, the optical drive (the lower slit) has been warped from being packed too tightly in bags or having objects resting on it. Even the screen has become bent.

This MacBook's battery also expanded and leaked acid — unfortunately, we don't have a photo of that!

Sounds a bit dangerous. Any technology fails that have endangered your health?

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(Credit: Luke Hopewell/ZDNet Australia)

Catching the train from anywhere is a pain, especially early in the morning, but that drama is compounded when you throw a tech fail on top of it. On this particular morning, all of the departure boards at Gosford station decided to freeze on a boot screen. Particularly handy if you want to know where and when you might get somewhere.

Have you experienced or seen a CityFail?

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(Credit: Michael Lee/ZDNet Australia)

Opening Google+ using Google's Android mobile operating system can result in an Apple-esque notification. Does one of Google's engineers secretly love Apple?

Have you seen some design fails?

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(Credit: Lindsay Roche)

What's all this about babies using iPads? Sometimes children and technology just don't mix.

Charlie, only 21 months old, threw this iPad down a flight of stairs. Was he frustrated at Angry Birds? Losing on Words with Friends? Practising for his entry into the terrible twos?

We may never know, but the good news is that a roll of sticky tape (and a few cut fingers — ouch!) later, it works just fine.

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(Screenshot by Irene Mickaiel/ZDNet Australia)

It's hard to know whether to blush or laugh. We admit, it happens to everyone. You'll be glad to know, however, this was only temporary.

We're sorry for any glitches we might have had. Don't forget to tell us when we have problems so we can fix them!

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(Credit: Suzanne Tindal/ZDNet Australia)

Our tech team has this hammer for major cases of tech fail.

Which fails have made you feel like you needed this hammer?

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(Credit: Munir Kotadia and Alex Serpo/ZDNet Australia)

Sometimes burning the kit is more soothing, however. Watch our video from 2008 on destroying a hard drive here.

Don't try this at home, kids.

So now it's time for you to show us up with your tech nightmares. Upload your tech fail pics on our competition page for the chance to win a Belkin N300 Play Max Wireless Router or a copy of Jackass: 3D on Blu-ray. Terms and conditions apply.

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