Ten apps that prove UX is the key to successful adoption

A good user experience (UX) can pay dividends for an application in terms of onboarding and performance. Here are 10 examples of apps that offer a great UX.

1 of 10 Slack

1. Slack

Slack is a messaging app that's taking the enterprise by storm. One of the keys to its success is that the UX for creating new teams and onboarding employees makes it easier to deploy, said Evan Rose founder of Manhattan-based digital consultancy Rose Digital.

"Another core part of Slack UX is actually no UX at all," Rose said. "The user experience of hiding functionality between chatbots is an incredibly important trend. Keeping users within the same experience but offering deeper or enhanced functionality has been a goal of the mobile ecosystem for a while."

2 of 10 Google

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics has been a go-to desktop tool for marketers and developers for some time. But with the growing use of mobile, Google had to make it work on a smaller screen.

"Despite the limited screen real-estate, they squeezed in all the information in a user-friendly and clear interface," said Gilad Bechar, founder and CEO of mobile app marketing agency Moburst. "The data updates quickly and the navigation is comfortable. The onboarding process is great. The fact that there's no need to enter the details (the app identifies the device and the Gmail account) saves time and makes the process much more pleasant."

3 of 10 Expensify

3. Expensify

Business users know what a pain it can be to file expense reports quickly and effectively. The clean design and intuitive features of Expensify make it an easier option for reporting expenses. Forrester's Michael Facemire points out the usefulness of the ability to take a picture of a receipt and attach it to an expense report:

"Instead of making me go through a number of screens to get there, I am always presented with the bright green camera icon at the bottom of the main screen. Taking a picture then auto-uploads to the 'receipts' view within the app and website so that regardless of device I'm using I can always complete an expense account."

4 of 10 SAP


BILT is an application created by SAP to replace the paper instructions that come with a product that needs to be assembled, like a grill or a bookshelf. By combining 3D instructions with audio advice, it makes the user feel more confident in assembling their product.

SAP is working with a variety of partners for BILT, including Weber, Bell, Atlantis Rail Systems, and Suncor. BILT won a Gold award at the 2015 UX Awards.

5 of 10 Sparkcentral

5. Sparkcentral

Sparkcentral is a social customer service tool that's meant to drive increased performance. Forrester analyst Ian Jacobs says that many customer service jobs attract young workers, and Sparkcentral is designed to reflect the tools and products that young people are already engaging with in their daily lives:

"To manage queues (turn on or off specific channels or queues for each customer service staffer), for example, you use an on/off toggle button that looks essentially the same as the toggle buttons on an iPhone. The entire application has an elegant marriage between design elements and the intended users."

6 of 10 Delta

6. FlyDelta

Flying is a stressful experience, but it has been somewhat easier with the introduction of airline apps. FlyDelta (available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone) was the top-ranked airline app by App Annie in 2014, and its UX is designed to alert users to each phase of their trip. Forrester analyst Michael Facemire says that, for him, the big value is the fact that the app understands the context around his usage:

"On days where I'm not flying it will load into my SkyMiles page, allowing me to see current membership status and yearly progress to my next status level. On days I have a flight, it will instead load me into the 'Today' view where my next boarding pass will be right in front of me, as that's what I'm generally needing from the app."

7 of 10 Justworks

7. Justworks

Justworks is an application that offers flow management for HR processes, such as onboarding, adding employees, adding contractors, managing benefits, and maintaining compliance. It provides a single pane view into these actions.

"Enterprise UX is usually centered around specific actions and Justworks surfaces the key actions a business owner needs to take and has a very clear sequential UX for these flows," says Rose Digital's Evan Rose. "The most important piece is that, although their application contains many mini-applications, the use flows feel coherent and accessible as opposed to overwhelming or siloed."

8 of 10 MailChimp

8. MailChimp Snap

MailChimp Snap is another 2015 UX Awards winner, where it won the Bronze award for best UX-focused business solution. Primarily geared toward retailers selling physical goods, it allows users to quickly snap a photo and send an email to their customer list.

The app's step-by-step process is painless, and users can utilize call-to-action buttons and social sharing as well. Also, customer segmentation makes it easy to send an email to the right people.

9 of 10 UberConference

9. UberConference

UberConference is known for its free conference call service, but its UX is what makes it shine. Users who are joining a call never need a PIN number to do so, and sometime they won't even need to call, as they can be dialed from the conference call itself.

Big, bold action buttons make it clear what you're doing, and each caller is clearly labeled, making it easy to identify whose dog may be barking in the background.

10 of 10 Routehappy

10. Routehappy

Routehappy is a flight comparison tool that rates the flight on its amenities and a slew of other scores in addition to its price. Users can discover what kind of aircraft they'll be flying in, and whether it has wi-fi and power plugs. For business travelers, this can make a huge difference.

"RouteHappy provides great UX by visually showing me why certain flights are more enjoyable than others between a set of destinations on a given day," says Forrester's Michael Facemire. "As someone that flies continually for work, even marginal happiness upgrades like this compound over time."

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