The best business gadgets at CES 2016

A number of high-end PCs and useful business gadgets showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show this year.
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Dell 4K Latitude 12 tablet: A Microsoft Surface rival?

The Dell Latitude 12 tablet, a hybrid which places more emphasis on the keyboard and office use, is a potential rival to the Microsoft Surface in the business arena.

The 8mm thick magnesium Windows 10 tablet has been designed with mobility in mind, and comes complete with a chunkier keyboard more reminiscent of PCs, as well as an impressive Gorilla Glass display which can go up to 4K resolution. In addition, the tablet can be purchased with up to an Intel Core M processor, up to 512GB of storage and up to 8GB of memory.


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Lenovo modular business tablets

Not to be left out of the rush to grab the attention of business users, Lenovo unveiled the ThinkPad X1 modular tablet, a mobile powerhouse designed with professionals in mind.

The X1 tablet sports a 12-inch 2160x1440 display, an Intel Core M7 vPro processor, up to 16GB memory and up to 1TB SSD storage. What makes the tablet unusual, however, is the option to clip-on modules including an additional battery for up to five hours of life, a projector module -- highly useful if you're involved in presentations on the road -- and an imaging module which is designed for use with an Intel RealSense camera.

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Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

A device of note suited for the business realm was showcased by Samsung at CES 2016 this year: the Galaxy TabPro S. Dubbed by the South Korean firm as an "all-purpose, seamless mobile station in one premium device," the Galaxy TabPro S aims to squeeze full PC functionality into a lightweight tablet which can be used by professionals on the go.

Running on the Microsoft Windows 10 -- Home or Pro -- the tablet comes with a full-sized keyboard cover and is equipped with a multitouch Super AMOLED 12-inch display, LTE Cat 6 support and an Intel Core M processor.

Via: Samsung

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Dell XPS laptop line refresh

Dell took the opportunity at CES 2016 to announce the refresh of the firm's XPS laptop line. Aimed at business users, the line now includes two new models: the Dell XPS 13 and the XPS 15.

Both the XPS 13 and XPS 15 come with Windows 8.1 as the default operating system and feature Intel's fifth-generation "Broadwell U" Core processors, ranging from the 2.1GHz Core i3 to the 3.2GHz Core i7.

The mobile workstations come with 128GB, 256GB or 512GB SSD storage options, as well as 4GB or 8GB RAM.

Via: ZDNet

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The Cube mobile projector will not only appeal to consumers who would like to pull up YouTube videos on the go to view on a bigger screen but also business users who need a compact but powerful way to pull up media on the go for meetings and presentations.

Compatible with any HDMI/MHL device, the $299 Cube fits into the palm of your hand but is able to display media on up to a 120-inch display -- a massive upgrade on your mobile device's screen.

Via: Rif6

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TYLT's Energi desktop charging station

The Energi desktop charging station could be a very useful gadget for business users, especially in the realm of BYOD and those who are on the road often.

The $99 Energi is able to charge up to five devices at once -- such as smartphones or tablets -- and makes use of SmartDirect ports, which increase charging rates beyond standard wall chargers, while only requiring one connection itself.


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ili's wearable translator

Business now takes place on a global platform, and sometimes, language barriers can scupper progress. Ili understands this and has developed a wearable translator -- an alternative to smartphone apps already available -- which records and translates conversations in real-time. When it comes to professionals, being able to rely on such a device can ensure deals go forward more smoothly.

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