Hands on with the Alldocube X tablet: Good build quality in compact form

Hands on with the Alldocube X tablet Good build quality in compact form zdnet
  • Editors' rating
    8.0 Excellent


  • Metal CNC body
  • Excellent on-board speakers
  • 8,000mAh battery


  • OS lag when several apps running

The Alldocube X tablet is a smaller tablet than those I have reviewed recently – but its ultra-portable size and responsiveness makes it easy to slip in a bag when I am out and about.

The tablet has a nice look and feel – with a 10.5 inch  2560 x 1600 super AMOLED screen and a 100,000:1 contrast ratio. Images are bright and clear, and graphics are good.

The tablet has a metal-CNC body and weighs 1.1 pounds. The build quality is good and the tablet does not flex.

The right hand edge of the tablet contains a 3.5mm headphone jack, a fingerprint reader, and a USB-C port. On the left hand side there is a power button and a volume button

Inside the tablet there is a hexa-core MediaTek MT8176 running at up to 2.1GHz. Most of the phones I have reviewed recently are octa-core, and my expectations are high. I did notice app lag when setting up the tablet, and when running several apps together, but the occasional stutter did not bother me much.

The X (series U1005) has 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. If you need more storage you can add up to 128GB using a Micro SD card inserted in the streamlined slot at the top of the tablet. The graphics card is a PowerVR GX6250

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I was impressed with the AKM Hi-Fi chip in the Alldocube X.  The sound is crisp and clear, and whilst the bass notes are not as deep as I would like from the on-board speaker, remember this tablet is only 0.3 inches (6.9mm) thick – the same as the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite phone I looked at earlier this week.

I played back to back HD YouTube music videos all afternoon at full volume through the two on-board speakers and did not manage to drain the 8,000mAh battery completely.

I still had reserves to do resource intensive, memory hungry apps such as Facebook. I was impressed with the longevity of the battery. Many tablets give up the ghost after about 2.5 hours intensive use. The Alldocube X was still useable after over four hours.

The battery supports quick charging too via the tablet's USB C port.

The OS is Android 8.1 Oreo – without any extra features or settings common to many smartphones. This gives the tablet a stripped down look and feel, and must improve performance.

This tablet has a front and back 8MP camera. The shutter has minimal lag, and the zoom is excellent. Post image manipulation tools are adequate.

All in all, I like the Alldocube X. For under $370, you get a tablet with good build quality, a pared down interface and a good camera. If Alldocube could fix the lag when using too many apps, then I would be even happier.

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