Hands on with the Amarey A800 robot vacuum: back to basics with a great clean

  • Editors' rating
    8.2 Excellent


  • Simple controls
  • Quiet cleaning
  • Effective pet hair vacuum


  • Bright light at night
  • Fiddly dust bin

The Amarey A800 is a robot vacuum that is perfect for those of us who hate faffing around with Wi-Fi, and poorly written apps, but want a vacuum to efficiently clean their floors. If this is you, then the A800 will not disappoint.

The makers say that this robot is superb for picking up pet hair. I tested this robot at home to see if if would pick up pale fluffy hairs from my dark blue carpet and hard floor areas.

The A800 is really simple to use. Plug in the charger, attach the side brushes to the A800, turn the device using the power button and leave it to charge.

To start a cleaning cycle, press the power icon on top of the robot, or use the remote control to activate the cleaner. The robot will perform a structured sweep of your floor, returning to the dock when it is finished.

If you want the vacuum to perform at its maximum setting of 1400pa cleaning power then you need to press the Max button on the remote control. Maximum cleaning power is off by default.

The cleaning schedule is set by the remote and configured the robot to start at the same time each day. You can not tweak the schedule for weekend use as you can on the iLife A7.  

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There is no water tank for floor mopping like the ilife V8s or the  Proscenic 811GB, and unlike the Deebot711 and the Roborock C10, there is no app to connect to the robot.

The A800 is streamlined and simple – so how was my experience using it?

The most annoying thing for me was the design of the  dust bin. Most of the other robot vacuums I have reviewed have a dustbin where the lid is on the top of the bin.

Opening the lid on the top makes it easy to clean the HEPA filters using the supplied brush. The A800 bin lid is along the edge, and the filter is on the top.

To clean the filter, you need to poke the cleaning tool into the narrow slot and try to scrape the dust off the filter. I can see no reason why the hinged lid could not be changed to open along the top.

Another irritation is its charging light. I used the vacuum in the bedroom for a few days. the light will annoy you if you like to sleep in a totally dark room, and if the robot is  charging, then the light pulses.

I used the vacuum on carpet for a couple of weeks and noticed that the bristles on the side brushes were starting to bend. I swapped sides which is now bending the bristles the other way.

There are four brushes provided with this vacuum, but I suspect that you would need to replace the brushes more often than on other models.

the 2600mAh battery will run for about 90 minutes before returning to charge. The robot generally finds its way back to the charging dock, getting lost about one in ten cleans. 

However, the A800 is great at collecting pet hair from carpets, and good at working its way around hard flooring. The robot sensors ensure that it does not fall down the stairs, it is quiet in use, very efficient, and the remote controls are easy to configure.

I like this robot vacuum for its simplicity and its effectiveness at collecting pet hairs from carpet. If only the light was not so bright this simple, effective robot would be perfect for my pet filled home.

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