Hands on with Auto Vox A1 dash cam: Rotating camera for in-car recording

Hands on with Auto Vox A1 dash cam rotating camera for in-car recording zdnet
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    8.2 Excellent


  • Easy to install over rear view mirror
  • Simple touch screen interface


  • Needs two cameras for road and inside car views.

I have tested the Auto Vox M6 and the X1 dash cams for ZDNet. I like the simplicity of the controls, and the integration with the rear view mirror in this range.

The Auto Vox A1 dash cam is specifically aimed at taxi cab, Uber, and Lyft drivers who want to record the goings on in their vehicles. Parents too, can monitor, and record what their kids are getting up to in the car.

The 1080px camera in the A1 sits under the mirror and can be manually rotated to record either the road ahead – or the space inside the cab.  It has a 140 degree field of view. There is also a 720px rear facing waterproof camera with a 140 degree field of view to record any incidents that happen behind you.

It's really easy to fit this dash cam. It attaches to your rear view mirror using two silicone straps which attach to the hooks on the mirror and is powered by the cigarette lighter. There is an optional hardwiring kit if you prefer not to have visible trailing wires.

This dash cam has a 9.88-inch touchscreen which brings up a simple menu. You can play back, stop or start the video, switch between the front and rear view cameras and take photos. There is also an emergency lock icon which will save that segment of video which will not be overwritten by loop recordings.

You can set the recordings to loop every 1, 2, or 3 minutes and choose whether to record sound in the car or not. You can also choose whether to display the rear image when you reverse the car. You would need to hardwire the red wire to your reversing light if you want this to happen automatically.

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You can also set the date and time, and the auto-off feature for the camera. This is useful if you have a car that powers down every time you stop at traffic lights.

The G-sensor can be set to high, mid or low sensitivity which is a vital adjustment to make if you live down a rutted road. If you set the G-sensor to high sensitivity it will record every bump as a collision as you drive.

Parking monitoring is a useful feature – to see what happens to your car when you are away from it. If you want to use parking monitoring, you will need to hardwire the camera into your car – the hardwiring kit is not supplied.

For under $200 this dash cam with its rotating camera can give drivers peace of mind. If you are fazed by the complexities of some dash cams, then the simplicity of the  Auto Vox A1 dash cam will delight you.