Auto Vox X1 dash cam hands-on: GPS-enabled and great in low light

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    8.2 Excellent


  • Wide screen with intuitive controls
  • Good in low light conditions
  • GPS enabled


  • Few audible warnings
  • Radio interferance from rear camera cable

I liked the Auto Vox M6 when I reviewed it earlier this year, so I was keen to look at the latest dash cam from the Auto Vox stable.

The Auto Vox X1 dash cam has a large surface touchscreen of 9.88 inches and 140-degree wide angle camera lens giving 1080- up to 1296-pixel resolution.

There is a backup camera with 720p resolution and 140-degree field of view, which can be connected to the reversing light and will act as a rear reversing camera with gridlines for parking.

It is waterproof (rated IP68), too, so the backup camera can easily be mounted to the rear license plate.

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The camera is easy to fit and configure. It has silicone straps that loop over your existing mirror, and an easy to use touchscreen menu.

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GPS sets the time, or you can configure this to your own time zone using the 12- or 24-hour clock. You need to supply a formatted Micro TF card of 64GB to 128GB for video storage.

The controls on the X1 were much more intuitive than the M6 I tried; simply touch the menu icon on the screen to playback video, stop and start recording, and switch between the front and rear cameras.

You can take a still image or quickly lock the last 1-, 2-, or 3-minute loop recording, so it can not be overwritten by other loops.

The cameras have Analog High Definition Technology (AHD) for night vision. Playback videos in low-light conditions were much clearer than I expected them to be.

The X1 has some nice features -- due to the addition of GPS. It has a Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) that flashes an alarm when you go out of the lane, and it shows lane lines for guidance. GPS also displays compass, speed, and clock on the screen.

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You can configure the G-Sensor to low, medium, or high sensitivity. If it detects a shock to the car, it will lock the video loop so that it can not be overridden.

Parking mode will record events that happen to your car when you are away from the vehicle. You do need to hardwire the camera in to ensure that the camera has a permanent power supply and does not power down.

I like the interface, but I had a challenge in my right hand drive car. This dash cam --even with a moveable camera lens -- is definitely designed for folks that drive on the right.

I did not get such a good view of the screen, as tilting the camera for my driving position introduced a lot of glare from the windscreen (the camera is further away from the screen in a right hand drive car).

I also noticed that the cable to the rear camera killed the signal to my digital DAB radio -- not a problem if you have analogue radio.

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I was disappointed with the lack of audio warnings. I missed a couple of the LDWS alerts, as I was not constantly looking at the mirror.

All that aside, the Auto Vox X1 is a nice unobtrusive dash cam with some good features. It is a nice upgrade if you hate cluttering up the front screen on your car but want the warning and record keeping of a GPS-enabled dash cam.

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