BenQ EH600 projector hands-on: All you need for your home or office

Hands on with the BenQ EH600 projector A complete visual option for home and office zdnet
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    8.8 Outstanding


  • Simple set-up wizard
  • Good home screen icons
  • Eco Blank button


  • Stiff focus wheel

The BenQ EH600 projector seems to be much more than a device for showing PowerPoint slides or playing YouTube videos. It has a great array of extras so you can extend your visual display options and project whatever you want, from a range of devices.

The projector has an impressive set of ports on the back of the projector. There are audio in and audio out jacks, a monitor out socket, an RS-232, and a PC out port. There are also 2 x USB A ports, one mini USB-B, and an HDMI port.

On the top of the projector housing, there is a power-on button, navigation and directional keys, a home key, a source key, and an eco blank key. When pressed, the screen goes black, saving up to 70% of the lamp's power.

The EH600 eliminates the need for myriad cables, supporting wireless connectivity to your chosen device. Push the dongle into the slot and connect to the projector wirelessly from your PC or mobile phone.

A simple wizard walks you through the connection process. Connect to your Wi-Fi from the BenQ, and from your PC, open Google Chrome browser, and click cast. You can broadcast your browser screen, your desktop, or a file.

Alternatively, you can use the USB-A slot to insert a USB stick and play your media files and presentations directly from there. The projector supports Office format files, music, video, images, or PDFs.

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The EH600 comes with business apps such as Blizz for video calls, TeamViewer to allow remote access of the projector, and a Firefox browser. The home screen is simple to navigate and uncluttered -- even though there are 20 icons on the Home screen.   

You can also use its mirroring feature to display what is on your device by connecting wirelessly to the dongle.

Mirroring supports PC, Mac/iOS, or Android devices, and on Android and PC, the simple instructions on the screen for connecting saw my Android phone and helped me connect quickly. Far less frustrating than some other devices I have tried to connect to.

This is a bright projector, delivering 3500 lumens with full HD 1080p resolution. It has a built-in 2W speaker, too, for small to medium-sized meeting rooms. The screen is sharp and clear, although the manual focus wheel and zoom wheels are a little stiff, so it takes some time to get the perfect focus.

You can connect your smartphone to the projector and use it as a remote control if you do not want to use the remote control that is included with the EH600. I like the fact that the remote has a laser pointer so that you can project and control the EH600's features from a different part of the room.

There are also screw threads on the base of the EH600 so you can mount it on a ceiling in a meeting room or turn it into a home theater. The maximum screen size of 180 inches is more than enough for a superb home theater screen size in a medium-sized room. 

I like the fact that the projector has two feet so you can level it perfectly, even in uneven situations. One of the adjustable feet is in the normal center-front aspect, and another is under a rear corner and is surprisingly useful.

It has a manual vertical keystone setting, which is controlled via arrow keys when the EH600 initializes.

If there are any upgrades to the firmware, the EH600 supports over-the-air updates once the Wi-Fi dongle is configured to connect to your Wi-Fi

At just under $1,000, this is not a cheap device -- but if you want a business projector that has all the features you need, it is certainly worth a look.

The EH600 will run a variety of media from a range of operating systems and devices, as well as ensuring over-the-air updates to keep the firmware up to date. In short, this is a multi-purpose tool for business and home use, and it has far more features than you could ever need in a projector.