Hands on with the Chuwi Vi8 plus 8 inch Windows 10 tablet

  • Editors' rating
    7.3 Very good


  • Compact
  • Well built
  • Responsive


  • Poor User Manual
  • Occasional graphics issues

The Chuwi Vi8 plus 8 inch Windows 10 Tablet PC is a nice looking tablet. It has a 64-bit Intel X5 Atom Cherry Trail Z8300 CPU with 1.84GHz processing power.

It has 2GB DDR3L SDRAM memory and a 32G eMMC ROM and a USB type-C port. It has a 32GB SSD hard drive and a 64Gb micro SD card slot.

The tablet has a nice look and feel. It has a hatched hard plastic casing with stainless steel edges and buttons. Its 8 inch 1280 x 800 HD screen is clear and crisp.

There is a 2MP camera with up to 1280 x 720p / 30 fps video. the tablet weighs 1.5lbs. The battery lasts about five hours with normal Office use.

The Chuwi Vi8 tablet is squarely aimed at the Asian market. Korea Media Player Centre and Korea Messenger Centre folders sit on the newly installed Desktop and are easily deleted.

The user manual is written in Chinese and English. The English pert of the manual is poorly written and almost incomprehensible. A lot of work will need to be done to make the manual understandable to English speakers.

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The performance of the tablet is very good. It is responsive and fast. There is hardly any lag between tapping a command and its execution.

I had a couple of Intel graphics card execution failures which stopped and restarted the graphics card without any issues.

I also noticed some screen flickers and refresh problems from time to time when working with Outlook email. Closing and restarting the Outlook app appeared to fix this issue.

There is a single speaker at the rear of the device which delivers an average sound output. The sound however, is very loud and full of bass when used with a headphone jack. Bluetooth pairs quickly to the tablet.

Overall this is a nice streamlined tablet with good performance. It has a few glitches such as the graphics driver failing a couple of times, but on the whole, it served me well during my trial.

The manual does need to be completely rewritten to be comprehensible and appeal to the English speaking reader.

The Chuwi Vi8 plus 8 inch Windows 10 tablet is a fast performing tablet that is positioned at a very good price at under $100.

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