Dodocool rechargeable Bluetooth 3.0 mini water resistant speaker review

  • Editors' rating
    7.8 Very good


  • Compact, smooth form
  • Good sound fidelity
  • Easy to pair


  • Flimsy cover for charging port

The Dodocool waterproof speaker is not 'waterproof' as some branded options suggest. It is water resistant, but do not immerse this speaker in water. It will not work.

dodocool rechargeable Bluetooth 3.0 mini water resistant speaker review  ZDNet

The speaker has a pleasing design. The speaker I received has a blue, 'warm touch' silicon cover with grey control panel on the top of the device. There is a grey DC jack cover and a large clear suction pad on the base of the speaker. Several other colours are available.

The loudspeaker cone holes are underneath the unit. There is a USB charging cable with jack which takes under three hours to charge fully.

The mini speaker easily attaches to tiles or laminate surfaces in the shower and with a weight of only 3.8 ounces, it does not slide down the shower stall. Its sealed cover means it also could be used in dirty working environments as grit and dirt will not get into the unit.

It paired quickly to both my Android and Windows phones. It appears on the list as BTS-06 due to the fact that it is sold under several different brand names.

dodocool rechargeable Bluetooth 3.0 mini water resistant speaker review  ZDNet
Eileen Brown

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The sound is surprisingly good for such a small speaker. There is a good range of sounds across treble and base and it has a long playing time. The speaker also acts as a hands free kit - which is very useful for taking calls and replying to texts whilst in the shower.

I tested this speaker at the same time I reviewed other Bluetooth speakers for under $100. I found I connected to this speaker more often than the others. The volume is adequate for both indoor and outdoor use.

I enjoyed its sound across the musical range. I found that the suction pad stopped any bass 'buzz' that sometimes plagues speakers standing on a hard surface. I did not hear much distortion or hiss across the range of music I played.

This same speaker is also marketed as TechCode, Aqua Audio, Sunnice, Pixnor, Stalion, Kinglake, SoundBot, Aduro, Pulse and SpeakStick. Prices vary from $7.99 to $24.99 depending on manufacturer.

This is a good low cost speaker for general use and certainly is worth a closer look.


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