Hands on with Roverbeats F1 Bluetooth headphones: Stylish, light and loud

  • Editors' rating
    7.5 Very good


  • Snug fit with non slip headband
  • Easy one-handed controls
  • Solid durable design


  • Could get uncomfortable after long use

The Etekcity Roverbeats F1 Bluetooth headphones are light, and have small ear cushions which rotate so you can adjust for comfort and positioning.

The aluminium band enables the ear cushions to be extended. The grey rubber inner band has good grip to stop the headband sliding on your head.

Hands on with Roverbeats F1 Bluetooth headphones: stylish, light and very loud ZDNet
Eileen Brown

To pair the headphones to your device, hold down the circular multifunction button for five seconds The LED indicator then flashes red and blue to indicate pairing mode. The headset beeps too, so you can do this when you are wearing it. Pairing is fast.

The headset has a playback range of ten hours after a three hour charge, and with a standby time of 400 hours, it could be weeks before you return to the headset and use it without charging. There is a battery status indicator for iOS devices.

It has an audio sensitivity of 114 +/- 3db. The volume goes loud enough to drown out the treadmill on the running machine at the gym. Sound leakage is slight, Others standing nearby had no complaints or issues with tinny beats or sound escaping.

You can answer calls by pressing the multifunction button to answer and end a call. You can even transfer calls by pressing the 'plus' , or 'volume up' button on the headset for two seconds. This button will also reject incoming calls.

Hands on with Roverbeats F1 Bluetooth headphones: stylish, light and very loud ZDNet

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I found this a challenge as I could not remember which button was which. I had to remove the headset to check.

I usually set the levels as the start of operation and do not have to change the volume often during use.

The circular multifunction button will also redial the last number dialled - even when the phone is locked.

This is a useful feature -- especially when you are out and about and unable to get to the phone to unlock it.

The sound is good across a range of frequencies. It has a frequency response of 20-Hz to 20Khz and sounds are clear across a wide range of bass and treble.

I noticed a slight hesitation between pausing music and replay - more so than with other speakers I have tested. However, this was the only criticism of the Bluetooth I could find.

I did not have any problems with continuous wear of these headphones although other members of the team at the office commented that the headphones pinched a little making longer wearing uncomfortable if you have a large head.

The headphones are light at 4.4 ounces and are durable and wipe clean. Perfect companions for a long work out at the gym. At under $40, these headphones mean you can easily afford to restock if you leave them behind in the changing rooms.

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