InterSystems launches CACHÉ 2007

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in brief InterSystems will launch CACHÉ 2007 on Monday, the latest update to their post-relational database product.

Two features new to CACHÉ are Jalapeño and Zen (formerly code-named XEN). Jalapeño is designed to solve object-relational mapping issues for Java application developers. According to an InterSystems statement, with Jalapeño, "CACHÉ 2007 eliminates object-relational mapping, reducing development times by at least 40 percent."

Zen is a new component within CACHÉ to create rich data-intensive web applications. Robert Nagle, Vice President of Software Development describes Zen as "an extensible environment. We provide a set of initial codes but we expect our partners and 3rd parties to extend [this] ... We think we've provided a fairly rich starting point."

InterSystems originally introduced CACHÉ in 1997 and also develops Ensemble, a rapid integration tool, and HealthShare, a information exchange platform for healthcare providers.

CACHÉ 2007 is available from Monday for Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX and OpenVMS. Pricing ranges from AU$285 - AU$1,782 per user.