Kodak i1440

  • Editors' rating
    7.5 Very good


  • Compact size
  • 150-page ADF
  • Built-in imprinter
  • Optional tethered flatbed attachment


  • Windows only
  • No Ethernet connection

Many different types of businesses today handle and manage substantial quantities of paper - the paperless office just doesn’t exist! Paper-based documents are still the substance of communication, reference, and negotiation, even though paper is expensive to store and retrieve. Scanning incoming and legacy documents into text-searchable PDFs can change the entire document paradigm in your business. It is also extremely useful for document archiving (a legal requirement for certain business types).

Kodak’s latest CCD scanner line comprises three high-end desktop devices designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Easy to use and with relatively advanced functionality, one of the three models should be able to satisfy your productivity needs. The range includes the simplex i1410 (£3581) and duplex i1420 (£4070)/i1440 (£4800), each sporting a High-Speed USB 2.0 interface and accommodating document volumes of up to 10,000 pages per day. Unusually, none of the three scanners includes a network interface as standard.

Kodak ranks efficiency and productivity at the top of its list from capture technologies. The company’s i1440 scanner meets all but the most demanding challenges that SMBs face by offering impressive speed, new image processing capabilities, and ease of use. For instance, the built-in ‘SurePath’ paper handling with multi-feed detection provides reliable paper feeding for a wide range of mixed documents (64x89mm to 297x863mm, 34- to 413g/m²), while image quality of up to 600dpi optical resolution and speeds up to 75ppm (pages per minute) in black and white, greyscale, colour is more than enough for typical business requirements. Incidentally, the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) holds up to 150 sheets of 60g/m² paper.

The company has also added some new image processing technologies to the i1440, such as automatic colour detection, de-skew, blank-page detection and iThresholding. In addition there is background colour smoothing to improve colour image quality and reduce file size, automatic orientation to reduce document preparation time by rotating the scanned image to ensure correct orientation at all times, as well as automatic photo extraction - allows the scanner to capture text and photos as separate files in a single scan. Furthermore, simultaneous dropout of up to three trainable colours helps to improve optical character recognition (OCR) read-rates.

The i1440 is a duplex sheetfed scanner, meaning it can scan both sides of single sheet of paper. It also includes a document imprinter as standard (other scanners offer this only as a separately priced extra) to print tracking information directly onto documents as they pass through the scanner. Paper handling is impressive for a sheetfed scanner, supporting everything from card stock to small cards to very long printouts - it can scan documents up to 6.1m (20 ft.) long! A special document mode even lets you auto-feed even the most irregularly shaped documents, and optional A3- and A4-sized tethered flatbed accessories allow scanning of larger material, such as books, bound documents or fragile items. With the tethered design, you gain the flexibility to position the flatbed in a location away from the base unit, which is ideal where desktop space is limited.

Kodak hasn’t neglected productivity. ‘Smart touch’ software lets you easily choose the right scanning application to scan documents to e-mail, file, publishing and other desktop applications that support TIFF, JPEG, RTF, PDF and searchable PDF. The post-scan document imprinter also allows you to imprint tracking information directly on the document as it passes through the scanner, and a toggle patch automatically switches between black and white and colour scanning on the fly. Capture Software Lite is a basic OCR capture client, but the full software (extra cost) supports barcode recognition, more than 40 different output formats, digital signature capabilities and other useful features.

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The i1400 family will replace the company’s i200 over time, just as the higher-end i1800 series superseded the i800. The i1440 is a very capable scanner with the ability to handle virtually all types of documents, regardless of shape, size or condition. The scanner auto-feeds extremely long documents well and its ability to scan to file, e-mail, publishing or other desktop applications with just one click is a real time saver. Scanned image quality is good for general business applications (especially text and forms), but photo quality is lacking compared to dedicated photo scanners. It’s also pricey compared to a typical desktop scanner, but you’re paying for a rugged departmental solution that scans large volumes of documents quickly and easily.

The i1440 is backed by Kodak’s all-inclusive ‘Performance Plus Service & Support Contract’. The package offers priority response, covers all service and consumables costs for three years, including the immediate supply of a brand new scanner free-of-charge in the event that a technical problem cannot be solved on-site, and an additional year of standard service coverage at no charge if there is no service call within the first three years.

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