Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote, First Take: An elegant tool for professional presenters

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Logitech has sold countless mice and keyboards since the company was founded back in 1981, but it has also diversified over the years and now manufactures a wide range of audio and gaming products for the consumer market, as well as videoconferencing equipment for business users. The latest addition to its business portfolio is the Spotlight, a presentations remote control that's very much aimed at marketing professionals who need to give slick, multimedia presentations on a regular basis.


You can use the Bluetooth-connected Spotlight on Windows and Mac platforms, with Powerpoint, Keynote, PDF, Google Slide and Prezi presentations.

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The Spotlight isn't the first presentation tool that Logitech has released, but its smart, metallic design -- available in Apple-esque colours such as Gold, Slate, and Silver -- is a real contrast to the chunky lumps of plastic in its earlier Presenter range. It's also fairly expensive, at £119.99 (inc. VAT, or £99.99 ex. VAT, or $129.99 in the US). However, the minimalist design of this simple, three-button controller conceals a variety of useful features that should help the Spotlight to earn its keep.

The Spotlight includes both Bluetooth connectivity and a small USB receiver that will allow you to wander up to 100ft from your PC or Mac during your presentations or TED Talks. Its simple three-button controls allow you to quickly navigate through slides in apps such as MS PowerPoint, Apple Keynote and Google Slides. And, rather than rely on a traditional (and somewhat erratic) laser pointer, the motion-sensitive Spotlight uses its own software to highlight and magnify specific areas on your slides, as well as providing an on-screen cursor that can be used to play video clips or click on web links.


Spotlight's companion app works with the device to deliver a range of customisable features.

Image: Cliff Joseph/ZDNet

Logitech's Presentation app - which is available for both Windows and Mac OS -- allows you to customise the button controls, and also provides some useful time-management features. To prevent you from running out of time, for example, the app allows you to start a timer running on your computer and then alerts you at appropriate points by using haptic feedback that causes the Spotlight to vibrate in your hand. There's also a final haptic alert five minutes before the end of the presentation, giving you time to wrap everything up.

The rechargeable battery inside the Spotlight lasts for up to three months when fully charged, but if you're pushed for time then Logitech claims that you can charge it for just one minute and still get a full three hours of use during a presentation.

As mentioned, the Spotlight is compatible with both PCs and Macs, although the Apple Store gets an exclusive on sales in the UK during February, with additional retailers following in March.

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