Marsboy bone conduction headphones: Great sound without loss of hearing

  • Editors' rating
    8.8 Outstanding


  • Snug fit
  • Good range of sound
  • Geeky concept


  • Loud audio can be heard by others

These headphones are by far the geekiest headphones I have ever tried.

The Marsboy bone conduction Nice 2 headphones do not fit in your ears. Rather, they sit in front of your ears. You can hear everyday sounds - and listen to your music as well.

I can hear my fingers hitting the keys as I type this. If I stick my fingers in both ears to block out ambient noise, I can still hear music. It feels very odd indeed.

Marsboy bone conduction headphones transmit sound at a frequency that can be conducted through the bones of the skull. The headphone pads sit on your cheekbones and the sound quality is not compromised too much if the pads are on the hair.

The controls for the headset sit neatly at the back of the headphones, on the band itself. Voice control alerted me to the headphones being powered on, and to the fact that pairing was ready. Pairing was simple and quick. The fit was snug and did not slip around too much.

Power, LED and volume buttons are on the band. To play or pause, press the button on the right ear pad, take a call on the left ear pad. The headset is very light at 52g (1.87 ounces) and you quickly forget that you are wearing them.

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If the device is inactive for over five minutes, the headset will shut down automatically. To reactivate the headset, cycle the power switch.

The Marsboy headset also works as a hands free device for the phone. Music is paused as an announcement comes in stating "Incoming call". Sound quality on calls are good. If you cannot hear the caller long press the call button to activate audio on headphones.

Incoming texts are not read out, so there is no opportunity to respond to them using the headphones.

There are foam ear plugs included with the headphones. Bizarrely, sound quality was better when I wore earplugs, or stuck my fingers in my ears. The vibrations through my fingers in my ears felt a little strange.

The music range is good over treble and bass. Perhaps I have the sort of bones that transmit treble more efficiently as I found that I noticed the treble notes more than the bass.

The biggest downside is that others in the room could also hear the music quite clearly. This could really bother other travelers on trains and planes - if the music level was high. This is certainly something to think about when you are out and about.

All in all, I really loved the idea of the Marsboy bone conducting headphones. I hate in-ear buds and feel a little isolated from my surroundings when I wear over ear headphones. These headphones let me be aware of other sounds in the area so I can stay alert.

The Marsboy headphones suit any geek who wants to show off technology that is sure to be different from everyone else in the gym or running on the road. At under $70, they are a really great bit of kit for the active and aware audiophile.

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