Marshall Acton Bluetooth speaker: Iconic design with serious sound

  • Editors' rating
    9.2 Spectacular


  • Well built solid feel
  • Good sound across bass and midrange
  • Fast Bluetooth connectivity


  • Knobs do not go up to 11

The brand Marshall is synonymous with iconic, high quality products and great, loud sound. The Marshall Acton Bluetooth speaker certainly stacks up to its larger counterparts and packs a punch of sound in a small case.

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The external box is large and heavy at 15 x 9 x 8.5 inches. The quality of this product is apparent as soon as the lid of the box is raised.

Marshall Acton Bluetooth speaker: Iconic design with serious sound ZDNet
Eileen Brown

The power cord, jack and instruction manual are securely fitted into the top of the polystyrene packaging.

The manual is comprehensive, well written and filled with diagrams to indicate which feature on the speaker performs which function.

The Acton speaker itself is solidly built and heavy at three kilograms (6.6lbs).

The speaker has two 3/4" dome tweeter and one four inch woofer. It has a retro style with a brushed copper colour console and a brass toggle on/off switch.

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It looks classic and vintage. The Marshall logo and woven speaker fabric on the front face brings an iconic feel to the speaker.

Marshall Acton Bluetooth speaker: Iconic design with serious sound ZDNet
Eileen Brown

The cream crackled pattern vinyl are reminiscent of a bygone era.

The tech functionality is unobtrusive and does not spoil the retro feel.

The Marshall Acton does not run on batteries.

An unobtrusive power cord plugs into the back of the speaker near the woofer.

Connecting to Bluetooth 4.0 is easy. Push the pair button until the Bluetooth light flashes and connect your device to the Acton. Toggle input by pushing the source / wake button which changes the options from Bluetooth connectivity to 3.5mm stereo plug input.

Eileen Brown

There are three analogue knobs for volume, bass and treble. I was a disappointed that the dials do not go all the way to 11 as they do on the Marshall fridge in my office. The quality and sound more than makes up for it.

The sound is really good. 41W Class D output means this speaker is very loud. The knobs adjust the bass and treble to deliver the exact levels you like. This is the only Bluetooth speaker I have tried with adjustable bass and treble knobs.

The sound quality is good both over Bluetooth and stereo jack across a range of music. From bass funk and rock to midrange songs it is well balanced and clear. For analogue and retro fans, the knobs allow you to tweak the sound to the levels you like.

At under $230 on Amazon, the Marshall Acton is a classic analogue speaker with digital functionality that will look and sound really good in any office or home. For fans of retro styling, this speaker looks the part and is certainly well worth the investment.