Quantum GoVault removable disk drive

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GoVault Data Protection removable disk drive from Quantum is a simple solution for small companies wishing to secure their data. It claims to provide a fast, simple and reliable backup disaster recovery solution to small business servers and high end desktop environments.

The system runs on rugged backup cartridges which are available in sizes ranging from 40 to 160 GB.

Test Procedure
We tested the GoVault Quantum connected by a Mini-B type USB to a machine configured with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual core processor 4000 running at 2.11 GHz, and 2.00 GB of RAM.

To test performance we ran some simple file transfer tests from the client PC. The first test was the transfer of a single 1,812,838,470 byte ZIP file to allow us to calculate the maximum throughput rate.

The second test was with a folder containing 153 subfolders, 2656 files totalling 302,055,552 bytes to test how well GoVault coped with more complex file transfers.

Product features
GoVault Data Protection is a simple, easy to organise, fast, affordable solution targeted at small businesses.

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GoVault can reduce the number of cartridges by up to 20:1 which means faster backups and a significant reduction in cartridges. The data de-duplication technology used in GoVault reduces the redundant data which increases the amount of data that can be stored on a single set.

GoVault data also has a write protect switch at the back of the External GoVault Tabletop Dock and a LED indicator in the front of the dock which illuminates when the system starts.

The GoVault Documentation and Resource CD is very simple, a novice user should be able to follow the procedure easily. The CD is divided into four different partitions. It includes GoVault user documentation, application software, protection software and user documentation for protection software. One can also set the password on the GoVault software as an added security.

GoVault Data Protection solution is available in 40 to 160 GB capacities and the cartridges are read and write compatible. The GoVault solution is tough enough for real-life handling and it can handle a drop from one-metre onto a hard surface. It also has a shelf life of 10 years.

Product performance
The first test which involved the transfer of a single large file took approximately 1.38 minutes to transfer at the rate of 17.55 MB/s. In the case that data is lost, an example of this was tested and it took 70 seconds to restore the data at the rate of 24.57 MB/s.

The second test involved the transfer of multiple complex files; this process took a mere 17 secs to transfer 302,055,552 bytes of data from GoVault to the Client's PC.

Generally we were impressed with the GoVault Data protection solution. It performs well and its installation is fast and effective. It uses the de-duplication technology that significantly reduces the number of cartridges required for backups.

The user interface is not complex and one can easily add a protection plan. GoVault is a perfect replacement solution for businesses which are still using tapes as their current backup solution.

The features of GoVault like ruggedness, removable cartridges, password protection, ease of use, portability, high performance and affordability, makes it an excellent product for businesses that requires a safe solution for backup. We recommend this as a quality backup solution for small business servers and high-end desktop environments.